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Gore Tex

Gore Tex
Gore-tex Logo Gore-Tex fabric makes strong and durable outerwear. The Gore-Tex fabric can stand the driving wind and rain of extreme wet weather as well as abrasion from rock, ice and snow encountered during demanding outdoor sports. Total protection from extreme wet weather.
Gore Tex Paclite
The Gore-Tex Paclite membrane is laminated to lightweight, strong nylon textiles to produce garments that are extremely breathable, compressible and durable waterproof. The Gore-Tex Paclite membrane allows perspiration vapour to pass through, and the protective layer keeps body oils, cosmetics, salt water, insect repellents and other environmental contaminants from altering the waterproofness of the membrane.
Gore Tex XCR
Gore-tex FabricThree layer Gore-Tex XCR is the most duarable waterproof/breathable fabric available. 3L Gore-Tex XCR fabric uses a taffeta liner to protect the Gore-Tex membrane, making it durable, lightweight, waterproof and extremely breathable. Two layer Gore-Tex XCR is a versatile and extremely breathable fabric which is much more breathable than its traditional 2-layer Gore-Tex fabric counterpart.
Gore Windstopper
Gore Windstopper LogoThe specially engineered Gore Windstopper membrane provides wind protection and stabilises the microclimate close to the skin by allowing excess moisture to escape while preventing unwanted moisture from coming back in.

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Polartec LogoPolartec Classic 100, 200 and 300 fabrics are the reference standard for lightweight warmth and breathability. These fabrics have been the primary insulation layer of choice among experienced outdoor enthusiasts for nearly two decades.
Polartec Windbloc
Polartec WindBloc DiagramSoft and comfortable fabric made from 2 layers of velour fleece laminated either side of a windproof and breathable PU membrane. DWR outer sheds light rain and snow whilst a wicking treatment on the inner boosts breathability.

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AQ2 ™
Berghaus AQ2
Developed by Berghaus AQ™ is a tried and tested fabric designed to keep you dry and comfortable. AQ™2 offers good waterproofing and breathability keeping you protected from the elements while out on the hill or during everyday use.
The AQ™2 fabric provides excellent breathability and waterproofing meaning you have durable and high performing clothing for any occassion.

Aquafoil LogoAquafoil has been developed as Berghaus' own outdoor performance shell fabric. Aquafoil technology provides durable waterproofing during outdoor use. It's hydrophilic moisture transport technology allows perspiration to escape whilst a DWR (Durable Water-Repellent) treatment increases performance as it delays saturation of the face fabric during prolonged use.

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Mountain Hardwear

Conduit LogoThe Conduit membrane is quiet, supple, lightweight, waterproof and breathable. The unique membrane is made up of interconnected hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules, which actively work to draw moisture and vapour away from the body. This process accelerates as the moisture concentration rises, so the more you sweat, the more vapour the garment transpires.

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The North Face

Hyvent Logo
Hyvent DiagramA waterproof, breathable technology utilizing a polyurethane (PU) coating that consists of a tri-component, multi-layer formula for waterproof protection, moisture permeability and durability. HyVent® technology has been lab- and field-tested to ensure the best possible durability and function while also maintaining an optimum level of breathability. To test the level of waterproofness, we subjected HyVent® garments to 20 wash cycles, where garments retained an average of more than 60 PSI on the waterproofing Mullens test.HyVent is a superior waterproof, breathable technology utilizing a polyurethane (PU) coating that consists of a tri-component multi-layer formula for waterproof protection, moisture permeability and durability. This technology was lab tested in The North Face quality assurance lab to ensure the best possible durability and function.

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Developed for the most serious athletes, the Summit Series features The North Face's athlete-tested technically advanced apparel and equipment. This premiere collection is designed for expedition use from base camp to summit, where extremes of weather, terrain and temperature demand the highest level of performance.
Goose Down Fill
Goose Down
Using only the highest quality goose down in all of our products, The North Face® tests each lot of down at three stages of production for loftiness, moisture resistance and ability to regain loft after compression.
The fill power of goose down is an indicator of two important features: warmth-to-weight ratio and compressibility, both critical to retain warmth and furnish comfort. True fill power is measured by placing one ounce of goose down in a graduated cylinder and measuring the volume the down occupies in cubic inches. The North Face® products are insulated with exclusive, high-fill power goose down ranging from 550 to 900 fill, 900 being highest quality down commercially available.
Developed for multisport athletes, the Flight Series features ultralight, multi-purpose apparel, equipment and footwear. This athlete-tested performance collection is designed for done-in-a-day and weekend adventures when fast and light packing is paramount.
Exclusive to The North Face, the unique shell/fleece fabric blend that characterizes the Apex collection combines the warmth and insulation of fleece with stretch-enhanced, wind shell fabric treated with a Durable Water-Resistant (DWR) finish.
Windwall fabric is a proprietary wind-resistant fleece from The North Face. Through a fabric bonding process, Windwall fabric allows a limited degree of air permeability resulting in increased breathability and comfort. Windwall 1 fabric has a mesh liner and Windwall 2 fabric has a grid fleece liner.
Primaloft Logo
Primaloft DiagramPrimaloft is a patented ultrafine microfibre blend that is incredibly soft, lightweight and water repellent. PrimaLoft synthetic insulation absorbs three times less water, is 15% warmer when dry and is 24% warmer when wet than the closest competitive insulation. In addition to these impressive thermal properties, Primaloft is lightweight with a down-like softness that adds comfort and appeal.The North Face® thermal apparel uses natural and synthetic insulation to retain heat in cold weather.

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Mountain Equipment

DriLite Plus LogoDriLite Plus is advanced fabric technology with a hydrostatic head of 7000mm for total waterproofing. Breathable and lightweight, made from hardwearing nylon face fabric with a DXB coating, so water simply beads and rolls off. Suitable for a variety of outdoor activities and all bad weather conditions.
DriLite Diagram

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Marmot Precip LogoPrecip combines hydrophobic and hydrophilic PU with a special Dry Touch Technology to give excellent durability, breathability and wet weather protection.
Precip Plus
Precip Plus is designed for high aerobic sports and activities where breathability is crucial. Designed with a multitude of technical features to keep you moving comfortably during even the most active sports.

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eVent ®

eVent ®
eVent LogoeVent ® fabrics get their unique properties from a proprietary and patented waterproof membrane. Its unique composition allows millions of tiny pores to breathe at their full potential. Sweat vents directly to the outside of the fabric in one easy step. We call this Direct Venting™ Technology. Its genius is hidden in its simplicity. eVent fabrics simply let the sweat out.™
eVent Technology
Let The Sweat Out ™
eVent's Let The Sweat Out technology includes an additional layer of protection against the elements without compromising the breath-ability of the garment. It allows the wearer to do intense activity in adverse4 conditions without leading to a build up of sweat. eVent fabrics feature exceptionally low "Water Vapor Resistance" (RET) and the "Moisture Vapor Transmission Rates" (MVTR) are very high in laboratory tests.

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Pertex Sheild
Pertex-Shield DiagramPertex Shield represents a fusion of technically advanced face fabrics with a breathable microporous waterproof coating. With the focus on durability, Pertex Shield combines wind and water protection with excellent comfort, by reducing condensation build-up within the garment.This technology is currently used by Rab, Berghaus, Montane, Sherpa and many mroe on a wide variety of clothing and outerwear.
Technical Specifications
  • Water proof – 10,000 mm
  • Breathability (MVTR) – 7,000g (A1) The values for breathability (MVTR) above are shown as an indication of the technology and are largely dependent on the construction and fabrics used.
Main Properties
  • Balanced wind and water protection
  • Core performance
  • Excellent durability

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