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Camping Gear Checklist – Expert Outdoor Advice.


checkbox Compass and Map (in map case)
checkbox Liquid and Food
checkbox Headtorch (plus spare batteries/ bulb)
checkbox First Aid Kit
checkbox Penknife


checkbox Quick drying trousers
checkbox Base Layer
checkbox Fleece Mid-layer
checkbox Spare clothing


checkbox Waterproof Jacket
checkbox Waterproof Trousers
checkbox Hat and Gloves
checkbox Neck Gaiter/Balaclava


checkbox Socks (and spares)
checkbox Boots that match the terrain
checkbox Gaiters
checkbox Spare Laces
checkbox Blister Kit

Camping Gear

checkbox Backpack
checkbox Rain cover
checkbox Tent
checkbox Stove and Fuel
checkbox Matches/lighter/firelighter
checkbox Cook Set (Pots/Pans/Utensils/ Pot handle)
checkbox Plates
checkbox Drinking Cup
checkbox Knife/Fork/Spoon
checkbox Dish washing kit (washing up liquid/Pot scrubber/dishcloth)
checkbox Sleeping bag
checkbox Sleeping mat
checkbox Stuff Sacs (for organizing gear)
checkbox Sealable Plastic Bags
checkbox Hand Shovel

Personal Items

checkbox Wash bag
checkbox Toilet paper
checkbox Toothbrush and toothpaste
checkbox Multi-purpose Soap
checkbox Pack Towel
checkbox Insect repellent/Midge Head cover


checkbox Guy cord/ repair tape
checkbox Camera and film
checkbox Travel games (pack of cards etc)
checkbox Itinerary (left with friend/family)
checkbox Watch (with alarm)
checkbox Compact radio
checkbox Book