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Travel Checklist – Expert Outdoor Advice.


checkbox Travel Pack
checkbox Day Pack


checkbox Lightweight, low maintenance and versatile clothing
checkbox Shirt/t-shirt(s)
checkbox Convertible travel trousers
checkbox Lightweight fleece
checkbox Lightweight waterproof jacket
checkbox Approach shoes/boots
checkbox Sandals
checkbox Hat (sun/warm hat)
checkbox Gloves


checkbox Security wallet
checkbox Luggage locks
checkbox Washbag
checkbox Travel towel
checkbox All purpose travel soap
checkbox Small repair kit (needle and thread)
checkbox Sleeping bag liner
checkbox Small first aid kit
checkbox Accessory bags
checkbox Guide book
checkbox Electrical adaptor
checkbox Insect repellent
checkbox Sun cream
checkbox Water purification tablets
checkbox Water purification filter
checkbox Length of guy line rope (makes an ideal drying line!)


checkbox Tourist visa (if necessary)
checkbox Valid passport
checkbox Airline tickets
checkbox Embassy contact details
checkbox Travel insurance