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Winter Mountaineering Gear Checklist – Expert Outdoor Advice.


checkbox A pair of stiff soled 4 seasons boots that have the rating B2 of above
checkbox Non cotton socks with a high loop stitch count so that they are warm and provide cushioning
checkbox Winter walking trousers
checkbox Waterproof over trousers
checkbox Gaiters
checkbox Base layer
checkbox Mid layer i.e. a good fleece or soft-shell jacket
checkbox Waterproof Jacket
checkbox Spare jacket i.e. Down or Polarloft style
checkbox Hat and spare
checkbox Waterproof gloves
checkbox Fleece gloves x2
checkbox Liner gloves x2
checkbox Category 4 sunglasses or goggles
checkbox Food including a warm drink
checkbox Spare food


checkbox Map
checkbox Compass
checkbox G.P.S
checkbox Mobile phone
checkbox Mid sized rucksack i.e. 35-55 litres
checkbox 12 point crampon
checkbox Walking axe

Safety Gear

checkbox Bivi bag/ group shelter
checkbox Head torch
checkbox First aid kit
checkbox More spare food

If climbing

checkbox Climbing rack
checkbox Ice screws
checkbox Deadman
checkbox Warthogs
checkbox Harness
checkbox Pitons
checkbox Climbing crampons
checkbox Technical Ice axes
checkbox 60m twin ropes (dry treated)