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Staff Tips – Camping

  1. It is always good to unpack your tent and check it before setting off. Make sure everything is there (pegs, full set of poles etc.) and check the tent for damage. If it’s a new tent, do the same, and also make sure you know how to pitch it!
  2. When you get to your destination, find a level and firm piece of ground. There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night at the bottom of the tent or worse still, with the tent collapsed because of pegs coming out!
  3. Try to pitch your tent close to a burn for fresh water. This will make thing easier for washing and getting drinking water. Don’t pitch up too close to a fast flowing river – the noise can stop you getting a good nights sleep.
  4. If you’re travelling light, or have a small tent, it’s a good idea to take a large, heavy duty plastic bag so you can store your rucsac and other equipment outside the tent giving yourself more room inside.
  5. When returning from a camping trip, always try to hang your tent up to dry. Even if it hasn’t been raining, there may still be condensation on the fabric which can affect the tent in storage. Check everything else is still there, clean and in good working order ready for your next trip.