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Staff Tips – Canoe

  1. It is a good idea to trim your canoe before the trip. Packing the load correctly before you leave the bank will stop it moving on the water and will make the boat more stable.
  2. If you are not canoeing on flat, calm water it is advisable to carry and wear a helmet. This will keep your head safe if you are planning to paddle rivers.
  3. It is sensible to carry a spare paddle that is lashed onto the boat when not in use. This will mean that if you lose one, you are not left up the creek without a paddle!
  4. When planning an extended trip in your canoe, it’s a good idea to make sure you have an escape route or alternative refuge if conditions change.
  5. It is advisable to leave some airspace in your drybags so they don't sink if dropped in the water.
  6. If you have a bow and stern rope attached to the boat it will make it easy to move the boat around in shallow water. These can be bought cheaply and added very easily.
  7. Remember all your equipment is exposed to the elements; protect yourself and your kit and enjoy!