Which GoPro is right for me?

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Desperate for one of these versatile little cameras, but no idea which model to opt for? We detail the pros and cons of each GoPro. You’ll be a master in no time.

The humble GoPro has been on the market since 2004, but has only recently hit the mainstream. Why? Well, this tiny camera really can do it all: action videos, still photography, underwater footage and WiFi for remote control and playback (just download the GoPro App). These are the sort of amazing shots you can look forward to with a GoPro and a head for heights (featuring Blues' ski technician Scott!)

So why the confusion? Go Pro is now in its fourth generation, and has recently released the lower cost Hero, Hero + and Session models to go alongside the Hero 4 Black and Silver. To make your decision, we think these are the two most important considerations:

  • How good video quality do you really need? If the ultra 4K professional video quality is not essential, move down a model to the SILVER or HERO. Both cheaper models can still shoot fantastic full 1080p HD video.
  • Do you need separate housing… i.e. will you smash your GoPro? Climbing, mountain biking or speed flying? Then a separate housing for your GoPro is a must. The BLACK and SILVER models both come with separate hard plastic housing, which can be replaced if you crash hard and damage it. Usually the actual GoPro camera is safe inside, so a new housing will get you back in action in no time. If you’re more of an everyday user – walking the dog, taking shots of your friends – the SESSION and HERO products might be more suitable, as the need to replace the housing is less important.


Keep those two tips in mind as we talk GoPro models from top to bottom.



And finally, if you’re keen to invest in the plethora of accessories for your new action camera, we’d stick to GoPro. With this brand, you’re guaranteed a range of extras – which smaller companies might not offer – such as smart remotes, harnesses, head straps, flexible mounts and external battery packs… Meaning your GoPro won’t miss a moment of your latest adventure.

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