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Warranty & Care •

If you are unhappy with an item you have bought from us, please visit one of our shops and speak to the staff at Customer Services. They will examine the product, discuss the matter with you and will agree a course of action.

Please note the following points -

  • Please bring your original till receipt with you as proof of purchase.
  • Please ensure that the goods are clean and dry as under Health and Safety legislation we are unable to handle goods which are excessively soiled.
  • Please be aware that some goods will have to be returned to our Head Office for evaluation and that some of them will have to be examined by the manufacturer before a decision can be made.
  • If we do take your goods in for investigation we will inform you of the decision as quickly as possible.


All goods are guaranteed against manufacturing or material defect. A ‘standard’ guarantee which most goods are covered under is normally for one year.

Some manufacturers or materials (such as Gore-Tex) offer enhanced warranty terms such as ‘Customer Satisfaction Guarantee’ or ‘Lifetime’. These terms can be confusing as the ‘lifetime’ referred to is the expected useful life of the product rather than the life of the purchaser. In all cases these guarantees do not cover wear & tear and accidental damage.

If you have any questions regarding warranty claims please discuss them with a member of our Customer Services staff.

Getting the best out of your equipment

Regular care will ensure that all of your outdoor equipment serves you well. If gear is not looked after it can become soiled, corroded or damaged and its performance can be significantly affected.

If you have any questions regarding the aftercare of your product, visit the Customer Services desk in your local Tiso shop for advice or contact our Customer Services Department at our Head Office in Leith.