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Bergans of Norway is a leading provider and developer of outdoor equipment and technical clothing. We have a wide range of clothing for expeditions, outdoor, hunting, mountaineering, skiing and lifestyle. We also manufacture tents, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, backpacks and Ally folding canoes. We are a major supplier to large and small expeditions around the world.
Bergans have had a history as an innovative manufacturer since 1908, and it all started with the bicycle manufacturer Ole F. Bergan, who was a keen hunter and hiker. It is said that Ole F. Bergan invented the Bergans Frame during a hunting trip, when he reached his destination feeling stiff and sore all over from equipment and game rubbing against his back. His ingenious invention made Bergans a leading supplier of rucksacks, and we have been so for more than 100 years.
In the middle of the 1930s a few carrying frames were made for children where the child sat on a chair welded to the traditional Bergans frame.

The child sat with its legs in front and the centre of gravity therefore came far from the carrier's back. In the 1950s the child sits with its back to the carrier, the centre of gravity is therefore closer to the carrier's back, but it was only in the 1970s that a "riding saddle" was made.

It was launched in 1973 and justifiably became popular with child and parent alike. Now the child could look and follow the direction the parent was walking, making contact between them easier, more fun, and trips with children were given a new dimension.
Production was started early in the 1970s based on a patent which allowed tension of a framework inside a reinforced fabric without the use of tools.

At first, the canoe had a round bottom shape, but as time went by it was given a pear shape and was made in several models. Some were meant for quick maneuvering on rivers while others had excellent direction stability and moved quickly through the water.

The size varied from solo canoes to family canoes with room for four persons. The canoes are used on expeditions in all corners of the world and most of the larger rivers in Canada and Alaska have been paddled with Ally canoes.