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Patagonias Reason for Being

Patagonia started as a band of climbers and surfers: We want to stay out as long as we can doing what we love, no matter the weather. Our design approach to every product, from climbing shells to wetsuits to sportswear reflects this. Quality is impeccable and the guarantee ironclad.

Our love of wild places demands that we help reverse the decline in the planet's health. We use only organic cotton; all worn-out products may be returned to us to be recycled our repurposed. We give 1% of sales – $55 million to date – to support grassroots environmental groups.

Thirty years after the Patagonia label first appeared, we continue to make the best product. The pace of innovation during the most recent five-year period has been one of our most significant.

We've made many mistakes but we've never lost our way for very long. Although we first intended Patagonia as a way to free ourselves from the limitations of the original climbing business, precisely those limitations have kept us on our toes and helped us thrive. We still pursue climbing and surfing, activities that entail risk, require soul, and invite reflection. We favor informal travels with friends - doing what we love to do - to the camera-covered event. We can't bring ourselves to knowingly make a mediocre product. And we cannot avert our eyes from the harm done, by all of us, to our one and only home.