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Elliot Brown Tiso Scotland review

Yes, you read it right: these slick timekeepers are indestructible. We round up the most amazing tests that Elliot Brown’s products have been put through – you won’t believe they remained in one piece.

We're excited to be the only Scottish stockist of these shiny new Elliot Brown products (they're in stores now!) Understandably though, Team Tiso weren’t allowed to smash up one of these beauties to test their durability... But luckily some outdoor-mad bloggers and Elliot Brown themselves have done the hard work for us! Discover the six most creative and crazy ways these watches have been pushed to their limits.

1. Holds your body weight

For one of their plethora of tests, Elliot Brown decided to dangle a staff member from a crane… using a watch. You can view the video here, but it’s astounding how secure the watch looks with the weight of a full-grown man hanging off the strap.

2. Resists sea water

For one of their most amazing tests, the Elliot Brown team enlisted a diver to place one of their watches at the bottom of Poole Harbour. 'We wanted to create a product that is less like jewellery, and more like equipment,' says owner Alex. 'So for our tests, we thought, what's the worst thing we could do to a watch?' Left at a depth of around 15ft for 6 wintery months, the watch emerged slimy and crusted. But after a few days drying out in the office, the sea scales peeled off the back and the timepiece was reborn shiny new.

Before and after Elliot Brown watch in Poole Harbour

3. Handles hammer blows

Elliot Brown shock-test every single watch they make by whacking them with a 3kg hammer... not once, but twice. This may seem slightly OTT, but this action allegedly simulates what would happen if the watch were dropped onto hardwood flooring. Although the manufacturers only complete this test from a height of 1 metre, our guys at Outdoor Magic threw theirs out their second-story office window. They reported a slightly dirty but still fully functioning watch.

Elliot Brown watch Tiso Scotland

4. No disintegrating straps

There's nothing worse than investing in a fabric-strapped watch and finding it falls apart within a few months. Not with Elliot Brown. The makers test all their straps in a variety of ways: water testing, weight pressure and twisting. They even scrape a 1kg block across the strap's surface to make sure the colour stays strong. This is one watch that won't fall apart in your hands.

5. Withstands the washing machine

We’re probably all guilty of the cardinal household sin: leaving flotsam and jetsam in your pockets that later whacks around the washing machine. Well no fear – Elliot Brown’s watches are sturdy enough to withstand the heat and humidity of the average British appliance. Adventure bloggers Outdoor Magic gave the EB Canford watch a whirl (literally) in their kitchen washer. And – you guessed it – it passed with flying colours.

Elliot Brown watch at Tiso, Scotland

6. Trumps any extreme condition

Along with that washing machine test, the Elliot Brown watches have been put through their paces in some crazy conditions.These outdoor bloggers chucked their EB Canford watch into the freezer for 48 hours. Although it was covered in ice crystals, the timepiece continued to function perfectly. And if winter conditions aren't enough, the models also handle heavy water pressure. The Bloxworth watch was thrown into a steel pressure vessel of water to 20 bar/200m for ten minutes, then placed on a hot plate. Not only does this allow the manufacturers to check for leaks on their artifacts, but it also proves that the Elliot Brown watches are a total winner in any weather.

Let us know on Twitter what crazy conditions your watch has been through... and if it survived!

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