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BikepackingHow to Pack Ultra Light

Packing for an ultra-distance cycling event can be a daunting task. What do you need to take? And more importantly, what can you afford to leave at home? Ultra-distance riders must find the balance between speed, efficiency, and comfort – taking only what they need, or maybe even less. Here, we explain how to do it.


The Back of the Bike

Towards the back of the bike, in the Saddle Pack, is where to store items that you will (hopefully) not need to access during riding hours. To ensure that the Pack stays secure, store heavier items such as additional tools and spares at the base of the Pack, before filling with lighter items, such as extra clothing, on top.

The Middle of the Bike

Bulkier items that need to be accessed during the day are best stored in the main chamber of the Frame Pack, while essential documents and cash can be stored in the zippered slip pocket on the other side. Because of its proximity to the handlebars, the Frame Pack is also a great place to store a power bank for charging electronics on the go.

The Front of the Bike

Lightweight sleeping gear and extra clothes are stored up front, in the Handlebar Pack. Here, it can be rolled up and stored safely out of the way during the day, before being quickly unpacked from its chamber when night falls. An accessory pocket also make an ideal place to store snacks and the food pouches water bottles.

The Packing Checklist

This packing checklist can be used as a base model for riders looking to embark on any ultra-distance ride. Depending on small differences in individual preference, and the ride in question, it can be adapted and applied to suit any ultra-distance needs. The length of the ride may change, but often the essentials don’t. View the printable checklist here.


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