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Tiso TipsMust have walking clothes for summer

Summer is here! Now that we’ve been treated to some nice weather, it’s the perfect time to get out, explore nature, and soak up some vitamin D. But if you’re going to make a habit of hiking during the hot weather, you’ll need the right gear to keep you cool, hydrated, and ready to take on anything the mountain throws at you.

We sell a wide range of walking clothes and hiking equipment that is designed to work for all seasons, but there are some specialist items that are made with summer in mind and are particularly suitable for warmer climates. Keep reading to find out our essential summer hiking kit list.

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What to wear for summer hiking

The key to finding the perfect summer walking clothes is to focus on lightweight, sweat-wicking fabrics and sun protection. Look out for features like UPF ratings and odour control technologies.

Walking T-Shirts

Winter walking might be all about layering up but summer hikes require light, breathable tops that have great ventilation and can keep you cool and comfortable no matter how high the temperatures rise. Don’t worry about getting too cold by wearing only a t-shirt, pack a thin fleece and/or waterproof jacket and if the temperature drops, just layer up! Our walking tees are made by various specialist brands who know their stuff when it comes to walking clothing, like Montane, Artilect, Patagonia and more.

We recommend: Montane Dart Tees

Walking Shorts:

An obvious one, but an essential. If you’re heading off on a hike in the heat, then you want your legs to be free and comfortable, so walking shorts are a must-have in your summer walking wardrobe. Hiking shorts are practically designed with specific materials and shapes to wick sweat and ease freedom of movement. You might also want to try convertible trousers that zip off above or below the knee to provide some versatility if you’re setting off on a cool morning, such as the North Face Exploration Trousers.

We recommend: Patagonia Bag Gi Shorts

Walking Shoes:

Walking boots offer great ankle support and help keep your feet warm and dry, but they can feel a little heavy and uncomfortable when the weather is hot. You’ll still need a somewhat reliable and sturdy pair of shoes for summer hiking, which makes walking shoes a great alternative for when the sun is shining. Offering the same grip as many walking boots but made with lighter weight and more breathable fabrics, walking shoes from brands like Merrell and Scarpa are the best type of footwear for warm weather walks. Alternatively, you could try a trail running shoe from brands like La Sportiva which are even lighter in weight. You’ll also want to pair your walking shoes with a lightweight, sweat-wicking and odour resistant pair of walking socks.

We recommend: Merrell Moab 3

Walking Hat:

When considering what to wear for summer hiking, you can’t ignore the importance of a good sun hat. In the same way that you’d wear a woolly hat on a winter walk to keep you warm, you’ll need a brimmed hat for summer walks to keep you cool and protected from the sun. You’ll likely have little to no shade when walking through the hills during the height of summer, which could potentially cause sunburn or sunstroke if you don’t keep yourself protected. You can easily pick up a hat to suit your personal style, from sleek caps to wide-brimmed sun hats, all made with breathable fabrics that will help you to regulate your body temperature while you walk.

We recommend: Outdoor Research Helios Sun Hat


You'll want to keep yourself comfortable and protected from the sun on a summer walk, and sunglasses are a must in order to protect your eyes. Whether you buy specialist fitness sunglasses or just stick with your regular fashion sunglasses, they should fit comfortably on your face, have good quality lenses and not slip off as you’re moving. Brands such as Goodr and Bloc make sunglasses that are designed with active people in mind, to work with you and not against you as you’re adventuring.

We recommend: Goodr OG Sunglasses


What to pack for summer hiking

As well as the standard supply of food & water, navigation tools, and some first aid supplies, there are some extra items of equipment that you might want to throw in your pack for a summer day hike.

Water Reservoir

Staying hydrated when you’re out hiking is necessary all year round, but even more so in the summer. You’ll need around 2L for a full day in the hills, and won’t be able to rely on topping up from streams in case they’ve dried up. Instead of taking your usual water bottle, try opting for a water reservoir. It’ll have a lot more water capacity so you won’t have to worry about running dry, will fit in your pack a lot easier, and makes drinking whilst on the go a breeze.

Extra layers

You might be tempted to leave the fleece and jacket in the car when the sun is shining - but conditions change fast in the mountains, and it can get pretty cool and breezy up there! Make sure to always pack a thin fleece and at least a lightweight waterproof, even in the summer.

Insect Repellent

A summer essential, particularly if you’re heading to the west coast of Scotland. Fend off the midges with a bottle of smidge.


You might not feel the intensity of the sun if the winds are high, but make sure to always layer up on SPF before you head out on your hike, and make sure you pack a bottle of sunscreen to take with you.

Walking Poles

If you’re getting serious about hiking, it’s worth thinking about investing in a set of walking poles. They’ll lessen the impact on your joints and will come in handy all year round.

Headlamp or Torch

You can never predict how long you might end up being on the trail for. Even with longer days, it can still be a good idea to pack a headlamp or torch in case you’re out after dark unexpectedly.

Map and Compass

You might want to leave the map and compass at home when visibility is good - but you'd be surprised how quickly things can take a turn for the worse when you're up in the hills. Make sure you always have some form of navigation device with you, all year round.

Tick Remover

You never know when this tool might come in handy, especially in hot weather. Pack it in your first aid kit just in case.

Grab all the essentials you need for hiking all year-round at tiso.com.

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