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We think it’s fair to say we all love our furry friends, our canine companions are becoming bigger parts of our daily lives than ever before. With the rise in popularity of ‘take your dog to work days’ and the ability to get them as many clothes and accessories as you’d buy yourself, it’s fairly obvious that we like to spoil our dogs.

As we are soon to announce the first ever Tiso ‘Ambassadog’, in collaboration with Ruffwear, we’ve decided to investigate the products we stock from them and we’ve picked our top three that we think any dedicated doggy owner needs.

Although we love an adventure, and we think that has equal members of the family, our dogs should always come along for the ride, not all of these pet essentials are designed for extreme walks, we think every owner should pick up these Ruffwear best-sellers, whether you’re walking cross country, or just to the local park.

1. Quencher Bowl 

This lightweight, compact and vibrant portable dog bowl is ideal for day trips with your dog! Keeping your canine hydrated is essential, but carrying a breakable water bowl is not only heavy and inconvenient but also poses the danger of breaking!

The Quencher bowl by Ruffwear is designed to collapse down into a small size that will easily fit in a bag or pocket, so you have it to hand at any point. A durable and waterproof lined bowl, this lightweight portable dog bowl is ideal for day trips out in the open, and dries out quickly.

Machine washable in case you have to stop for a drink break somewhere a little muddy, the Quencher bowl is made from vibrant green fabric and features a reflective strip, so you and your dog can see it in dark or wintery weather, making it also perfect to take on camping trips.

Retail Price - £17

2. Web Master Harness 

Collars are great for short walks around your neighbourhood, but for longer walks or day trips, a harness is a great alternative. The Web Master Harness from Ruffwear is designed to not only be comfortable on your dog’s body, but with the handle on top, it makes it easy for you to assist your dog over and around obstacles on your route.

Although these harnesses are ideal for service dogs, rescue dogs and three-legged dogs, all dogs benefits from wearing a harness on a long walk, especially ones with obstacles to tackle. The foam is protective and comfortable for the dog, but doesn’t create a bulky or heavy harness, and this product is perfect to avoid constant pulling on your dog’s neck.

Available in a range of colours and sizes, and fitted with 5 adjustment points to ensure the perfect fit for your dog, you can’t go wrong with getting your fluffy friend a Web Master harness.

Retail Price - £70


Roamer Leash

We’ve all tried a classic extendable lead, but they can easily get tangled and difficult to keep track of your dog, as well as the handle often being big and bulky and inconvenient to carry, especially on a long walk. The Roamer Leash from Ruffwear is designed to incorporate the best features of an extendable lead, but in a sleeker and more effective way.

The Roamer Leash is an extendable leash that provides your dog with increased freedom to explore and investigate surroundings, which is ideal on longer walks, but removes the mechanics of similar leads, and works by the whole leash being extendable. To avoid losing control of your dog, the leads are made to have less of a range, so that although your dog has some independence, you’re still in charge, as well as the added traffic handle for quick restraint.

Forget the bulky handle, the design of this leash is made to be lightweight, and is equip with a small loop hole handle, that is easy to put round your wrist, so you can have your hands free.

Available in a range of colours, and two sizes, this simple but game changing leash is perfect for the dogs who love to explore, but need reigning into from time to time.

Retail Price: £39

As if you needed another excuse to treat your canine companion, but we have no doubt that you’ll be grabbing these three essentials for your next adventure with your dog.

If you take any of these pieces of kit out with you, share your pictures of your dog in action with them by using #MyTiso.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the results of Tiso’s first ‘Ambassadog’ competition on our social media!

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