Women's Hybrid Bikes

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Women's Neko 3 Wsd (2017)


From £46.88 per month

Women's Neko 2 Wsd (2017)


From £37.43 per month

Women's Neko 1 (2018)


From £29.93 per month

Women's Fx 3 Disc (2018)


From £48.75 per month

Women's Fx 2 Disc (2018)


From £33.75 per month

Electrically Assisted Bike!

TM1 + Lowstep with 400WH battery (2018)


From £146.25 per month

Womens Ridgeway Bike


From £44.93 per month

Women's Victoria (2018)


From £59.93 per month

Women's Fx 3 (2018)


From £41.25 per month

Call for availability

Cube Bikes
Women's Cross Hybrid Pro Allroad 400 Bike (2018)


From £157.43 per month

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Ladies' Hybrid Bikes

If you're a lady who regularly makes her way into the city, then you may find a women's city bike is an investment you need or want to make. Most commonly known as women's hybrid bikes, the design of a ladies' city bike combines features from both road and mountain bikes to provide the best of both worlds for the rider. A ladies' hybrid bike is an investment any busy lady who wants to make her way round the roads with efficiency should invest in.

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