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Tiso Returns to Everest

Tiso Blogger and Web Content Assistant Mollie Hughes, 26, has successfully become the youngest woman in the world to summit both the North and South sides of Mount Everest in 2017. Here at Tiso, the outdoor adventure specialist and as the main supporter of her expedition, you can follow every step of Mollie’s incredible journey and record breaking quest to the roof of the world! Mollie first visited Everest in 2012 and successfully summited from the South side via Nepal at the age of just 21! You can see some of the images from the 2012 trip below as well as some of Tiso’s own heritage with Everest from 1972 and 2000 expeditions. Read blogs from Mollie about her preparation and training, as well as all the updates from the expedition below including her successful summit attempt.



Tales From The Top - Mollie Hughes Event

On 15th June, Mollie Hughes spoke to a sold out event on her successful Everest expedition in Spring. The event raised money for Cancer Research UK and aimed to inspire more people into their own adventures.


Top Award For Mollie Hughes

After successfully becoming the youngest woman in the world, Mollie Hughes was invited back to CBBC's Blue Peter for a very special programme about her achievement. She was in for a bit of a surprise though!


In Pictures - Mollie's Everest Journey

On 16th May 2017, Mollie Hughes successfully summited Everest for the second time, and entered herself into the mountaineering record books, by becoming the youngest British person to summit from both the North and South sides of the 8,848m peak. View photos here


Everest Update - Record Breaking Announcement

Mollie Hughes, Tiso's Everest scaler and resident blogger has today entered the record books by reaching the summit of Mount Everest for the second time, this time after tackling the North Side of the 8,848m peak.


Everest Update - Acclimatisation

Undoubtedly, one of the most important aspects of an Everest expedition is acclimatisation to the extreme altitude found on the mountain. Mount Everest soars to a whooping 8,848m, once on the summit, climbers will experience the equivalent to 33% of the available oxygen they experience at sea level.


Everest Update - From Kathmandu To Basecamp

Mollie Hughes sends her first update of the 2017 expedition to Mount Everest, from the departure to basecamp, what has she been up to?.


Blue Peter - Badge To The Summit of Everest

Blue Peter brings back so many childhood memories. When we were kids my brother and I would religiously watch it every day at 5pm. In fact, so did my parents. Blue Peter is the UK’s longest running children’s TV show, first airing way back in 1958, when the show ran for just 15 minutes on a Friday afternoon.


How Do You Train To Climb Mount Everest?

Climbing Mount Everest is a huge physical and mental challenge. I will spend 7-8 weeks living and climbing at extreme high altitude. As I climb higher on the mountain, the atmospheric pressure rapidly decreases, this means each breath I take will contain less molecules of Oxygen. My heart and lungs will have to work a whole lot harder to get the adequate amounts of Oxygen to my working muscles.


Tiso's Everest History

Tiso have had a close relationship with the mountains since our early days, and Mount Everest is no exception. We asked current CEO, Chris Tiso, to tell us a little more about the company's Everest history.


2017 Expedition

At Tiso we have a long history of supporting your adventures in the outdoors, with our expert advice in store and our sponsorship of a wealth of different causes over the years. When we heard about our own Tiso staffer Mollie's plans we jumped at the chance to get involved! Find out more about the planned Mount Everest record attempt in 2017 with our run down of the expedition, original video interviews and more from Mollie here


Mollie's Expedition Kit

What kit do you need to help you tackle the summit of Mount Everest? We asked Mollie Hughes about the kit she'll be packing for her expedition this year and found out which brands we'll be taking to the top of the world.


What it takes to climb Everest :
Q&A with Mollie

Ever wondered what it really takes to climb the world’s highest mountain? We had the chance to have a Q&A with Mollie between training to find out all about her successful 2012 expedition on the South side of Mount Everest. Find out the challenges she faced and her tips for anyone thinking of taking on Everest themselves. Read our interview here


What Motivated Mollie to take on the South side?

After an successful expedition to the summit of Everest in 2012, you would think that you would be satisfied with this amazing achievement! However Tiso staff member Mollie Hughes had other ideas and dreamed of being the youngest Brit to summit both sides. Wondering what motivates Mollie? So were we! Find out what made Mollie decide to take on Everest and the record for youngest Briton in 2017