Tiso Glasgow Outdoor Experience

Glasgow Outdoor Experience
50 Couper Street
G4 0DL

About our store

Launching in 2000, the GOE store is the original Outdoor Experience. Arguably one of the most visually attractive Tiso stores – we boast a climbing wall and feature waterfall – we think you’ll love our interactive shop environment.

Along with the usual wide range of branded clothing and accessories, we also have several specialist departments: Blues the Ski Shop, Run 4 It (running shoe experts), boot fittings plus Alpine Bikes (with Scotland’s dedicated TREK store and Project One retailer).

If this isn’t enough, there’s also the expert knowledge of our staff. We’re all mad about the outdoors and – along with using products ourselves when we’re on the hills – we’re also trained directly by our suppliers. So have a wander, grab a cuppa in the café and have a chat with us about your upcoming adventures. We look forward to seeing you soon at GOE!

Meet The Team Tiso Glasgow Outdoor Experience

Dave S
Operations Manager

I’ve worked for Tiso for 21 years. I started in Stirling as a general sales assistant, then worked up the manager’s posts… and then came to GOE as a new challenge.

I’m not as active in the outdoors as I used to be, but I have a history with hillwalking, the Scouts, running, tennis… that kind of thing! Having an interest in the outdoors certainly helps to liaise with both the public and staff members. An outgoing personality means that I find it fairly easy to talk to people.

Scotland’s weather and people make it so special. The people make Scotland. And the weather – well, we expect it to be poor, but when it’s nice it shows off the country in its best light!

Dave L
Retail Manager

I’ve been in the company twice, and was a shop manager beforehand in the Tiso London Selfridges store. Then I returned to Glasgow and have been here for 5 years.

I’m very outdoorsy and love climbing, walking, skiing… but I also like standard sports like football! Being an end user doesn’t always mean that you know about the product, but having the outdoor knowledge means that I’m inquisitive about products. I like to test stoves, tents and sleeping bags!

My perfect day would be spent winter climbing on a crisp, February morning… blue sky, no winds, glistening ice… and no other climbers about! I’d do it on the west coast, perhaps on the back of Ben Cruachan or Glen Coe.

Alpine Concession Manager

I’ve been with Alpine for 13 years. I started as the store manager in Aberdeen, then went to Inverness and Glasgow West End stores… and now I’m back here!

My previous experience of cycling has been mountain bike based. So it’s been a learning curve here with the massive selection of high-end road bikes and Trek Project One stuff. But all the guys have to have some interest in cycling, whether it’s road biking, mountain biking or day-to-day commuting.

The training that I have that really pays off here is the Trek Precision Fit qualification. It was a 3 day intensive course down in Milton Keynes, where you learn all about the fit system that Trek use worldwide.

Run4It Manager

I’ve been with Run4It for 7 years. We're a separate company that specialises in road or trail running shoes. We perform a foot analysis, where we determine if you need support shoes. We also have specialist running gear for runners of any level. Analysis is done on a treadmill with a system called RunLab. We then get you in a shoe we think will hold you best.

I’m a qualified sports therapist. It’s interesting because getting the right shoe can genuinely help somebody... they might not know that the wrong shoe is giving them problems!

My ideal day? I would probably do the Loch Ness Marathon, but it’s a good marathon to run – it’s so scenic and a lovely route!


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