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Alpine Bikes - Cycle to Work

A Government scheme exists that can save you up to 42% off the price of a new bike*. It's called the Green Transport Plan, and it aims to make cycling more attractive and accessible by taking advantage of unique tax incentives.

Alpine Bikes staff will help you get the right bike and safety equipment for your needs through Cycle to Work. We have extensive experience in supplying bikes through Cyclescheme, Halfords Cycle2work, Cycle Plus and others. We have also developed the Alpine Bikes Cycle to Work scheme to benefit companies that don’t have an existing scheme in place. If your employer does not currently offer Cycle to Work, click here to email us and we'll contact them with more details. Curious about the savings you could make with Cycle to Work? Use the calculator below.

Save money -  Cycle to Work with Alpine Bikes

Forget those public transport costs! Take the bike and save the thousands of pounds you'd spend on bus or train fares. Add this to the tax and National Insurance savings you can make through the Cycle to Work Scheme while spreading the cost over 12 months, and it's a no brainer.

Save time -  Cycle to Work with Alpine Bikes

A bicycle is virtually oblivious to congestion, queues and parking issues. For most city commutes, a bicycle gets you there faster from door to door.

Save your body -  Cycle to Work with Alpine Bikes

Cycling to work increases fitness and improves overall health. It's a simple lifestyle change that can keep you in good shape without any costly, time consuming gym memberships.

Save your brain -  Cycle to Work with Alpine Bikes

The serotonin-inducing ride to work makes you more alert. The ride home helps you wind down. This is one of the key reasons why cycling to work is linked to greater productivity in the workplace and is an effective way to decrease stress.

Save the planet -  Cycle to Work with Alpine Bikes

With the environment being an ever-increasing concern, cycling to work is an easy way to help the planet. You'll minimise your own carbon footprint by taking your shiny new bike instead of the car or bus.

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