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Womens Walking Shoes

Whether you're running errands in town or heading out in the hills for the first time, you can make it easy with a pair of ladies' walking shoes. There's no need to choose a technical pair of walking boots if you're looking for everyday comfort and support. Read more...

Our range of walking trainers for women includes supportive shoes that are perfectly suited to daily wear as well as shorter adventures on the trails. At Tiso, we're proud to offer a colourful variety from leading outdoor brands including Adidas Terrex, Scarpa, Salomon and The North Face. What's more, our Think Green products help you to make a sustainable choice for the planet.

A pair of specialist women's walking shoes will help you breeze through everyday adventures, no matter how small they start. But finding the right pair for you depends on a few more things than just choosing the right size and your favourite brand. That's where our expert knowledge comes in handy.

We've been fitting our customers with shoes, boots and specialist outdoor gear for over 60 years. If you come to us looking for the best walking shoes for women, we'll listen carefully to your preferences and plans so we can recommend the right pair for you. Our footwear guarantee assures you that, when you shop with us, we'll find the perfect fit.

We're outdoor enthusiasts at Tiso and we've tried and tested the gear we provide. When you call in at your nearest store, our friendly team will be ready to help you and share any guidance or advice you might need. If you're shopping online, make sure you watch our walking boot fit video to learn how your new walking trainers should fit.

Womens Walking Shoes

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Which are the best women's walking shoes?

The best walking shoes for women are those with an optimised fit. While it might be tricky to spot any visual difference between men's and women's walking trainers, there are slight variations in foot shape and volume that influence shoe design as well as the shape of insoles.

Most importantly, the best walking trainers for you will be suited to your preferences and the type of adventures that you'll be going on. You can choose between several designs, including:

·        Trail running shoes: Many women find that trail shoes can be just as comfortable for everyday adventures. With technical and supportive pairs by brands like Salomon and La Sportiva in our selection, these shoes make a streamlined and stylish choice.

·        Hiking shoes: When it comes to finding the right walking trainers, women's options can feel limited. Technical hiking shoes manufactured by brands including Scarpa and Berghaus provide more possibilities for adventure.

·        Ladies' walking trainers: From colourful pairs to those with Gore-Tex fabrics, walking trainers for women make a staple addition to your wardrobe. Models by brands like Adidas and Salewa are perfect for keeping your feet cool through summer.

Should I buy walking trainers or boots?

For everyday use and gentle hiking, ladies' walking shoes could make for a fantastic choice.

Technical walking boots are typically designed with robust structures, giving you more ankle and heel support through rugged and steep terrain. This extra protection makes boots heavier than trainers – and, if you're not going on an expedition, the extra weight might start to feel cumbersome.

If you're looking for a light and agile pair of trainers for walking on rolling country hills or everyday adventures, these women's shoes are perfectly suited. Just don't forget to ally them with a thick and comfortable pair of walking socks.

How should you clean walking trainers?

Like any other outdoor gear, taking good care of your walking trainers will ensure that you can keep them looking and functioning at their best. We've written a guide to cleaning and proofing walking shoes, which goes into more detail on the best approaches and techniques.

It's still worth knowing a few of our top tips for cleaning walking trainers. As a bare minimum, you should try to:

·        Wash your shoes after each muddy outing. It might feel like a chore after a big day out but keeping your shoes free of mud will protect their technical materials.

·        Reapply waterproofing treatment. If you often wear waterproof ladies' walking shoes in the rain, proofing will prolong their lifespan.

·        Use material-specific products. It's important to use cleaning products carefully, especially if you've chosen a pair made with suede or leather.

Ladies' walking shoes are no different in their maintenance requirements to men's or kids' walking shoes. Regardless of the pair you've chosen, putting time and effort into keeping your shoes clean will help them last longer.

Should I size up in women's walking shoes?

Some retailers might suggest going up a size when you're shopping for ladies' walking trainers but that's not always the best approach. Choosing the right size will depend on the shape of your foot, the style of the shoe and the thickness of your walking socks.

Before you try on any shoes in store, we'd recommend waiting until the afternoon or the evening. This is because your feet swell up naturally throughout the day, giving you a more realistic idea of how they might feel during a long walk in the hills.

How to find the right women's walking shoes

Choosing your new women's walking shoes is ultimately a personal decision but it needs to be a practical one too. The best way to find a pair that suits your sport and style is to visit your nearest store and speak to the team.

At Tiso, we see the outdoors as a way of life. We're passionate walkers, cyclists, mountaineers and climbers, so we've got the expertise and first-hand experience to point you in the right direction. Whether you're looking for lightweight walking trainers or technical gear for your next adventure, we can help you find the perfect fit.

We'll listen to your preferences and any potential problem areas before recommending the best ladies' walking shoes for you. If you're shopping online, don't forget to head over to the Tiso Instagram for in-depth reviews of the latest gear by brands we know and love.