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It is an unavoidable reality that the Clothing & Equipment we sell, and the nature of business combine to create an environmental and social footprint.

We take this responsibility very seriously and are determined to become part of the solution and not part of the problem. We are actively exploring multiple ways to ensure that what we sell is as sustainable as possible. Clearly this needs to be carefully balanced with our commitment to products being capable of performing in some of the toughest environments on the planet.

In our quest to minimise our environmental footprint, we are working closely with those supplier partners who share our sense of responsibility whilst actively attempting to positively influence others along the way.

Improving our sustainability as a business is a journey to which we are fully committed – taking the necessary steps to ensure we play our part in protecting the environment and wild places for the benefit of future generations.

Supporting Sustainable Brands

As a retailer, our sustainability credentials are only as strong as the brands that we stock. Fortunately, the outdoor industry is amongst the most forward thinking in the world. Our Think Green initiative makes shopping ethically and sustainably much easier. Find out more here

Sustainable Energy

– As part of JD Group’s Carbon management programme which aims to use forward-thinking actions and investment to reduce energy usage, and associated carbon emissions, 100% of the Group’s UK electricity is ‘Green’ energy from natural, renewable sources.


Through our investment in sustainable waste collection services, currently 92%* of our waste is processed for recycling. With increased staff training and structural improvements in waste handling we hope to push this as close to 100% as possible in the next few years. *2019 figures.

Care And Repair Services

We offer expert care advice and product repair services as well as bike and ski servicing, so that you can get the longest use out of the gear that you love and reduce your environmental footprint by not having to replace gear as often.

Energy Efficiency

An ongoing project of upgrading lighting across the estate to modern LEDs is still in progress, being done on the basis of first addressing older systems that are failing and / or where the energy usage payback is most significant, as well as where store layout changes require new lighting and modern LED systems are installed as best practice, from store environment, cost and energy usage perspectives.

Charity Partner

Our co-founder Maude Tiso has been actively involved with the John Muir Trust since the beginning. Today, Tiso continues to lend its support to help the charity carry out its work to protect, manage and promote understanding of the intrinsic value of Britain’s wild places.


All cafes at Tiso stores are committed to no longer selling drinks in plastic bottles, or using plastic straws and they use compostable; coffee lids, boxes and cutlery for takeaways. All our cafes recycle food responsibly to keep it out of landfill.

Cycle To Work Scheme

As part of the Government’s green transport plan the scheme allows our staff to save money on the cost of a new bike and accessories, supporting those who want to commute to work in a healthy and environmentally friendly manner.


We recognise that we’ve not reached the summit on our sustainability journey yet. We’re fully committed to taking all the necessary steps to ensure that as a leading Scottish business we do our part to protect the environment so that future generations can continue to get outside and enjoy our natural wonders.