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Give your used kit a new lease of life, grab yourself a gift card and we'll give the proceeds to local mountain rescue teams.


You donate your used outdoor kit at the till point in Dundee or Perth. We give it a new home on our Worn stand in store and give ALL the proceeds to a local outdoor charity.


Your unwanted items may still have years of outdoor adventures left in them. Re-used kit means less new kit getting made, reducing the emissions associated with production and less waste ending up in landfill. The money raised helps local charities carry out their outdoor initiatives.


Only Available at Perth and Dundee

  • Tiso Dundee

    22 - 24 Whitehall Street, Dundee, DD1 4AF

  • Tiso Perth Outdoor Experience

    Unit 1, Highland Gateway, Perth, PH1 3EE


What is Worn But Not Worn Out?

Tiso’s Worn But Not Worn Out scheme aims to maximise the life of outdoor kit whilst minimising kit that ends up in landfill. Customers can trade in kit to our stores in exchange for a Tiso gift card. The items are then sold on the Worn stand ready to be purchased by a fellow outdoor lover, with all proceeds donated to local Mountain Rescue teams. Currently this scheme is only available in our Perth Outdoor Experience store. Now launching in Dundee.

Why shop secondhand?

Maximising the life of kit by trading in or buying used is one of the most sustainable things that we can do. Most of the time, even when we are finished with a bit of kit, it’s likely that there is still a lot of useable life left in it. Donating and buying secondhand helps to keep kit in circulation for longer and keep it out of landfill, whilst also reducing reliance on virgin materials – making it a much better choice for the planet.

How do I trade-in?

Bring your items along to Tiso Perth Outdoor Experience or Tiso Dundee and our friendly staff will be happy to help. We’ll take your items along with your contact details and get back to you with a valuation and your gift card in no longer than 5 working days. We will be expanding Worn But Not Worn Out across our other stores in the near future – keep an eye out for the launch at your local store soon.

What items can I trade in?

  • Outdoor Clothing
  • Rucksacks and Duffels
  • Outdoor Footwear
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Ski Clothing

What we cannot accept

  • Underwear including baselayers
  • Helmets and PPE
  • Wetsuits
  • Tyres
  • Bikes and bike parts
  • Climbing equipment
  • Ski equipment
  • Tents

What condition do my items have to be in to receive
a gift card?

All kit must be in fully functional condition and sanitary. As a rule of thumb, if you’d give it to a friend, you can trade it in. Anything that does not meet our criteria will be recycled using our in-store recycling bins, and you will not receive a gift card. We therefore ask that you only bring in items that you are ready to part with.

How much will I earn for my secondhand kit?

You will receive 10% of the value of the items as a Tiso gift card. The value of the items is determined on an item-by-item basis by the store manager, and we aim to value them and get back to you with your gift card within 5 working days.

How will I receive my gift card?

You will leave your contact details when you drop off your items. Within 5 working days, we’ll contact you to collect your gift card equal to 10% of the value of your items.

Where can I purchase the secondhand kit?

You can purchase secondhand kit at our Worn stands in Perth and Dundee. Ask our friendly staff if you are having trouble spotting it.

Can I use further discounts on Worn But Not Worn Out purchases?

No, the price on Worn But Not Worn Out items are final and cannot be discounted further.

Can I return a Worn But Not Worn Out purchase?

No, we do not accept returns or refunds on any Worn But Not Worn Out purchases.

*Terms and conditions apply. Ask a member of staff for more details.