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Rucksacks & Bags

Whether you need a daypack, a multi-day rucksack or a duffel bag for your travelling trips, we have a wide range for you to explore.

Rucksacks & Backpacks`

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Rucksacks & Backbacks

Whether you’re a day-tripper, weekend hiker, seasoned camper, hillwalker or active traveller, we have a great selection of rucksacks that are suitable for all kinds of activities. Our rucksacks come in a wide choice of colours and sizes, all by leading brands, and are designed to stand up to the rigours of everyday use. If you’re a keen camper or planning an expedition and need to carry plenty of food, equipment and vital supplies, we’ve got camping rucksacks that will do just the job.

Available in different size options, you'll find camping rucksacks with extra pockets and compartments that are handy for safe storage while providing easy access to your wallet, phone, or energy gel. Modern lightweight camping rucksacks are also designed to make carrying even heavy loads more comfortable, without overheating or straining a muscle. Choosing the right size of rucksack backpack is important if you’re planning to be out for extended periods. You want one with enough space to carry all your basic kit plus room for a few extra layers or food, so you're prepared no matter what happens. Smaller rucksack bags are ideal for day use, whether for the commute to work, going to school, or a trip to the shops.