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Mens Windbreaker Jackets

At Tiso, we know that men's windbreaker jackets keep you moving through unsettled weather. From the most exposed crags to your highest summit yet, wearing a windbreaker will keep the icy breeze at bay.

Our extensive online selection features Arc'teryx and The North Face windbreaker jackets for men, along with technical options from brands including Berghaus, Fjällräven, Patagonia, Rab and many more. Read more...

Our men's windproof jackets protect you through wild and windy conditions. Not every windbreaker can compete with a waterproof jacket when it comes to withstanding heavy rain but these versatile shells are a staple for every type of explorer. Whether you take yours to the Alps or to the local country lanes, a windproof shell makes a dependable choice.

At Tiso, we're a team of outdoor enthusiasts. We've been in the business for over 60 years and we're here to help you find quality gear for your next adventure. Once we know your plans and preferences, we can recommend the best windproof jacket for you. With first-hand experience in the mountains, we know just how to help.

Shop the full selection online or visit your nearest Tiso store to see our men's windbreakers in person. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team.

Mens Windbreaker Jackets

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What is a windbreaker jacket?

A windbreaker jacket, often called a windshell, protects you from wind chill. Designed for use in dry weather, men's windproof jackets make suitable choices for outdoor pursuits under clear or cloudy skies.

Our selection features a variety of different styles. From lightweight outer shells to insulated jackets, we have windbreaker jackets suitable for every type of activity. If you'd like to shop sustainably, our Think Green label highlights eco-friendly brands, fabrics and technologies.

Are windbreakers waterproof?

Not all windproof shells are waterproof. These technical jackets are designed to trap warm air closer to your skin and keep out cold winds. Windbreakers keep you comfortable in breezy but cold weather, so they don't usually feature waterproof outer fabrics.

There are some exceptions. Some of our waterproof jackets are made with specialist windproof outer layers too, so these garments could serve a dual purpose out on the trails. If you're buying a Gore-Tex jacket, for example, the outer fabric will be waterproof and windproof.

There's no one-size-fits-all rule to the waterproofing ability of a windproof shell. Some feature a water-repellent material on the outer fabric, which will keep you dry through a light shower but not driving rain. If you'd like to know more about a particular jacket or you have any questions, we're here to help.

Are windproof jackets breathable?

Windbreakers are designed to be breathable as well as windproof, helping you to stay comfortably warm without feeling stuffy. However, hardshells with additional waterproofing technologies may be slightly less breathable than a softshell windproof jacket.

Are windbreaker jackets warm?

Wearing a windproof jacket alone won't be enough to keep you cosy unless it's insulated. Our men's windbreakers perform at their best when they're worn as an outer layer. And when you build your own layering system, you can create a look that's both stylish and functional.

In cold conditions, wearing layers is even more important. You can make the most of your windbreaker with the following approach:

·         Start with a thermal base layer. You can choose between short- and long-sleeve options, depending on which you find most comfortable.

·         When it's frosty outside, your next layer should be a fleece. Quarter-zip options make it possible to adjust your temperature on the move.

·         Lastly, your windproof jacket should be your outer layer. If there's a chance of showers, it's always worth packing your waterproofs.

When should you wear a windbreaker?

Climbers, mountaineers, walkers, and city commuters alike appreciate a windbreaker.

When it comes to windproof shells, men often keep one handy purely because they're so versatile. What's more, since windbreakers are lightweight and can be easily packed down into a rucksack, they're perfect for fast-paced adventures. When you're hiking at altitude, you're much more likely to be exposed to cold winds, which makes these jackets essential.

If you're going camping, wearing a windbreaker will keep you cosy through those late-night cooking sessions outside the tent and will be quick to grab when you pack down in the morning, too.

Can you wash a windproof shell?

Due to the durable nature of the fabrics on your windbreaker, it's highly unlikely that you'll need to wash it frequently. If you've been using yours for several months and it needs freshening up, though, you can wash a windshell at home as long as you do so carefully.

If you follow the manufacturer's instructions, you can wash your windproof shell as often as you need to. We've got a few tips help you to wash your jacket safely:

·         Close any zips and fastenings to prevent catching during the cycle.

·         Choose a delicate wash cycle no hotter than 40°C, but ideally cooler.

·         Use a mild liquid detergent, if possible. Powder might clog the fibres and affect your windproof jacket's breathability.

·         Never use fabric softener. This can damage the windproof outer layer.

·         Do not spin on a high speed and air-dry where possible.

We've listed a few of the care and repair essentials in our online guide, which covers every aspect of learning how to look after your outdoor kit.

Are down jackets windproof?

Walkers and hikers sometimes choose a down jacket over a windproof shell. While an insulated jacket is designed to keep warm air trapped close to your skin, it might not be completely windproof. This is because the seams between each layer of insulation create small gaps.

The only way to stay completely protected against harsh, cold winds is to wear a specialist windbreaker.

Find your new windbreaker with Tiso

Whether you're looking for an Arc'teryx windshell or an insulated windproof jacket for your next expedition, we can help. Our complete selection of men's windproof jackets includes the right shell for your adventures, no matter where the wind carries you.

When you visit your nearest Tiso store, we can help you find the most suitable windshell. Our team of experts can advise you on finding the best fit for your next adventure. We listen to your plans and personal preferences first, then we recommend the most suitable windbreaker brand, features and technical details.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to learn more about our windproof jackets for men. Our friendly team is here to advise you on finding the best fit for your next adventure.

If you'd like some inspiration for your next trip to the mountains, head over to the Tiso Instagram to see the products we're loving this season.