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Womens Down Jackets

When you're heading out there into sub-zero temperatures, only the best women's insulated jackets will keep you warm. From the frost on the hillside to the icy breeze at the summit, you can handle the harshest winter conditions with a quality down jacket.

We provide quality women's down jackets manufactured by world-leading outdoor brands, all featuring unique technologies to keep you cosy and comfortable. We're proud to stock insulated jackets from big names including Arc'teryx, Berghaus, Patagonia, Rab and The North Face among many more.


From technical hiking jackets to padded insulated jackets for skiing, we offer a varied and colourful selection of winter gear for women. What's more, if you're looking to choose a more sustainable down jacket, you can go for models with synthetic insulation, vegan credentials or those that fit our Think Green initiative.

At Tiso, we've been helping our customers stay warm on the mountains for over 60 years. No matter the terrain or elevation you'll be covering this winter, we're here to listen to your plans. From there, we can recommend the most suitable fit, material and extra features to look out for in your new women's insulated jacket.

When you visit your nearest Tiso store, we'll listen to your preferences before suggesting which insulated jacket could be best for you. No matter which one you choose, though, you can rest assured that you'll be investing in kit that keeps you comfortable as you battle the elements.

We know that the quality of your kit will see you through any challenge. Browse the selection online to see our quality women's down jackets and don't hesitate to get in touch with our expert team if you have any questions about these technical garments.

Womens Down Jackets

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What is a down jacket?

Down is the fine, fluffy layer of feathers closest to a bird's body. In specialist outdoor gear, it's used as a natural type of insulation to keep you warm in winter. You'll find insulated jackets available using either duck or goose down, with technical jackets often using goose feathers.

Natural down insulation traps tiny pockets of warm air close to your skin. The 'loft' of the feathers maintains this functionality and keeps you warm through very cold temperatures, making down a popular insulation type for other gear like sleeping bags.

·        Our women's down jackets are lightweight and can be quickly stashed into your rucksack but still deliver and maintain cosy warmth when you need it most. The biggest advantage of down jackets is their unrivalled warmth-to-weight ratio.

·        Down jackets can't perform in wet weather, which is their biggest drawback. After a heavy shower or if moisture seeps into the insulation, down feathers can clump and strip the insulated jacket of its core functionality. Some brands have developed hydrophobic down to help combat this issue, though we still wouldn't recommend a down jacket specifically to tackle the rain.

What is fill power in a women's down jacket?

The quality of the down inside a ladies' padded jacket is described using the term fill power.

Some people think that fill power refers to the amount of down inside the jacket but that's a misconception. Fill power shouldn't be used to judge how warm a down jacket might be but instead which type of conditions or activities it's best used for.

Down jackets are graded by most brands according to the size of their clusters of down. A 'cluster' means the volume of air that down feathers can trap inside your jacket, relative to its weight.

Which fill power is best for my insulated jacket?

Fill power for lightweight ladies' down jackets generally starts at around the 650 mark. We've written a quick guide to the fill power gradings in down jackets below:

·        650 fill power down is seen in everyday jackets. From chilly winter walks to early autumnal commutes, these lightweight down jackets make a versatile layer.

·        700 fill power down is used in technical hiking jackets. With an impressive warmth-to-weight ratio, they're perfect for keeping in your bag on a winter walk.

·        800 fill power down is typically seen in mountaineering jackets. If you're heading to the Alps or summiting snowy Munros, this rating could be best suited.

·        850 fill power down is used in expedition jackets. The highest ratings are designed for extreme expeditions, including those in Arctic regions.

Should I choose a synthetic or down insulated jacket?

The most suitable insulated ladies' jacket for you will depend on your plans. Along with your personal taste and style, you should think about where and how you'll be likely to use it.

It's worth knowing about the technical features and advantages of each insulation type. Whether you're going to be walking in the open fields or traversing icy valleys, the type of filling in your padded jacket could play a huge role in your comfort through winter.

Synthetic vs. down insulation

Our selection of ladies' insulated jackets includes down and synthetic fill.

·        Down offers an unbeatable warmth-to-weight ratio. Synthetic fibres can't trap warm pockets of air quite like down feathers – and natural insulated jackets pack away smaller, too. Even when down jackets offer hydrophobic treatment, though, we still wouldn't recommend using them as an outer layer in unpredictable weather conditions.

·        Synthetic down could be a better choice if you expect to get wet. Even if it gets drenched, it will still cope better than natural down insulation – which could be a lifesaver if you're exploring Scotland in winter. It's also easier to keep clean than down, although there's no synthetic material that can match down's warmth-to-weight ratio.

We've written a detailed guide to help explain how to choose an insulated jacket. Don't forget that your jacket still needs to be suited to the activity you're doing but, above all, we'd suggest thinking about your chances of encountering rain.

Are down jackets waterproof?

Some of our women's down jackets are water-resistant or water-repellent. However, these technical garments are designed to be worn with thermals and a midlayer to keep you warm in chilly conditions.

If you need an insulated jacket that you can rely on to withstand heavy rain or scattered showers, you should choose one that features Gore-Tex technology. If your natural down jacket does encounter some rain, make sure you read the advice in our care and repair blog before putting it in the tumble dryer.

How to find the best men's down jacket for you

The best way to find the right women's down jacket for you is to visit your nearest Tiso store. It's easy to choose The North Face padded jackets because they're stylish on the trails but you'll need to think about practicality as your priority.

We're passionate about the outdoors and we'll share our expertise and first-hand experience to help recommend the best insulated jacket for you. Whether you're looking to stay warm on winter dog walks or getting ready for next year's expedition, we're confident that we'll find you quality gear to last through the years.

When you speak to a member of the team, we'll listen to your requirements to make sure that we can recommend the most suitable insulated jacket for you. Simply get in touch with the team if you'd like to know more. We've also shared some of our favourite stories and recommended gear over on the Tiso Instagram if you're looking for inspiration.