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Softshell Jackets For Men

A softshell jacket prepares you for any change in the weather. When you're out walking in the fields or climbing on exposed crags, you need to wear something comfortable, lightweight and breathable. Our technical softshell jackets for men tick all of those boxes.

Softshell jackets fall somewhere between insulated jackets and waterproof shells. They keep you cosy without feeling heavy, and they repel water without limiting your movement. It's easy to layer up for almost all conditions with a men's softshell jacket, but they're perfect for those crisp autumn mornings and cooler afternoons. Read more...

We provide a brilliant variety of designs by leading brands such as Arc'teryx, Berghaus, Rab and Patagonia. Our selection includes features to make your new men's softshell jacket as high-performing as possible, including adjustable drawstring hoods, deep zip pockets, adjustable velcro cuffs, and more. These details combine for maximum comfort and functionality.

These lightweight and practical softshell jackets for men give you more flexibility in the great outdoors, no matter whether you're climbing, walking, cycling or trail running. When you shop with Tiso, you'll benefit from over 60 years of experience. Our passionate team of outdoor enthusiasts can advise you on the best material, fit and features to look out for.

Browse our online collection below or visit a Tiso store near you to see our softshell jackets in person. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Softshell Jackets For Men

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Are softshell jackets waterproof

Most men's softshell jackets are designed with water-repellent fabrics and technologies, so they should easily withstand an occasional light shower. However, it's worth bearing in mind that very few are designed to be waterproof.

To find a waterproof softshell jacket, look out for models with Gore-Tex® in their product description. This means they're manufactured with a fully waterproof, windproof and breathable outer membrane. If you're planning an expedition in an extremely wet climate, or the forecast isn't on your side, it's always worth packing a waterproof jacket.

Are softshell jackets warm?

All the men's softshell jackets in our collection are lightweight and breathable. They're designed to be worn as part of a layering system, paired with a moisture-wicking base layer and an outer shell jacket. Some have a fleece lining, others are insulated with synthetic insulation or down, and some are lined with brushed cotton. The warmth of your new men's softshell jacket will depend on its specific features; they're incredibly versatile, but no two are the same.

For ultimate protection against harsh breezes, make sure you choose men's softshell jacket with a hood. And to keep extra cosy, you could wear a hat underneath your hood.

Are softshell jackets good for skiing?

If you're hitting the slopes, our men's softshell jackets make an excellent choice for all-day comfort. Their elasticity gives them enhanced comfort and mobility, meaning they won't get in the way of your most advanced moves. And since some feature an insulated fleece lining, you'll benefit from great wind resistance in mountainous environments.

It's worth bearing in mind that you won't get complete weather protection unless you pair your men's softshell with a waterproof jacket.

How to wash a softshell jacket

Knowing how to wash a men's softshell jacket involves striking a delicate balance. You want to keep your jacket clean and ready for the next adventure without compromising its technical materials and functionality. Follow only the most essential steps:

  • Wash your softshell jacket as often as you wear it. Most feature a specialised outer membrane that can become clogged up over time with sweat and cosmetic products like sunscreen. Keeping it clean protects its performance.
  • Avoid using fabric softener on a softshell. This product penetrates the pores of technical fabrics and can clog them, forming a film that reduces your jacket's breathability.
  • Wash your softshell jacket carefully. Fasten all the zips and pockets before you put it in the machine. Try to avoid temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius and use a low spin setting where possible.

Find your new men's softshell jacket with Tiso

No matter if you prefer The North Face softshell jackets or those with extra-deep pockets, we can help. Our fantastic range of men's softshell jackets includes something for every type of outdoor activity, from road cycling to rock climbing.

Our team of outdoor enthusiasts can help you find just the right jacket when you visit a Tiso store near you. We listen carefully to your plans, preferences and requirements before we recommend the most suitable softshell jacket. We can also offer advice on the best brands, fits and features to look out for.

If you'd like to know more about our men's softshell jacket range, please feel free to contact us. We're here to help you gear up for the outdoors, no matter where you're headed. And before you leave for your next adventure, make sure you check out our latest tips and reviews over on the Tiso Instagram.