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Men's Down Jackets

From the steep and winding approach to the most exposed point on the summit, nothing will keep you cosy quite like a down jacket. When you're planning adventures through the harshest winter months, only the highest-quality men's insulated jackets will stand up to the test.

Whether you're on a Highland training camp for next year's expedition or heading to the Cairngorms for the very first time, you'll need an insulated jacket to stay warm. We're proud to provide down jackets manufactured by world-leading outdoor brands including Patagonia, Rab, Berghaus, Mountain Equipment and more. Read more...

Our selection ranges from high-end mountaineering jackets to technical down jackets for hiking. For those seeking a more sustainable approach to keeping warm, our range also includes Responsible Down Standard jackets and those produced with recycled fabrics. Our Think Green products help you to make a kinder choice for the planet.

At Tiso, we've been helping our customers prepare for year-round adventures for over 60 years. No matter how extreme your plans might be, we're here to listen and point you to the best fit, material and technical features to look out for in your next down jacket.

When you visit your nearest Tiso store, we'll listen to your requirements and preferences before using our own experience to recommend the best insulated jacket for you. No matter which one you choose, we're confident that you'll be investing in quality kit guaranteed to keep you comfortable when you're battling icy winds and sub-zero temperatures.

We know that the quality of your kit will see you through any challenge. Browse the selection below to find the right men's down jacket for you. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our expert team if you have any questions about buying or caring for these technical garments.

Men's Down Jackets

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What is a down jacket?

Down is a natural type of insulation found in our padded jackets for men, women and kids. Unlike the feathers you might see on a bird's plumage, down is the fine, fluffy layer of feathers closest to its body. You'll find insulated jackets using either duck or goose down, with thicker jackets often using goose feathers due to their higher density.

Down feathers offer enhanced heat retention, since the 'loft' from the feathers helps to trap tiny pockets of warm air inside the down jacket while you wear it. This natural insulation type also makes a popular fill choice in technical gear like sleeping bags.

·        The main advantage of wearing a technical down jacket is its warmth-to-weight ratio. Our men's down jackets are lightweight and can be easily stuffed into your rucksack but still deliver impressive warmth when you need it most.

·        The biggest drawback of this type of garment is its poor performance in wet weather. Down feathers clump at even a slight shower or when heavy moisture permeates the insulation, leaving the jacket unable to perform.

What is fill power in a men's down jacket?

The quality of the down inside your padded jacket is described using the term fill power.

It's a common misconception that fill power refers to the amount or volume of down inside the jacket; that's not the case. Unless you're also looking at the jacket's fill weight, fill power won't give you an accurate idea of its warmth.

Most leading outdoor brands grade their down jackets and outdoor gear according to the size of their clusters of down. A 'cluster' is the volume of air that down insulation can trap inside the jacket, relative to its weight.

Which fill power is best for my insulated jacket?

Fill power for lightweight men's down jackets generally starts at around 650. As a guide, you'll be able to choose from insulated jackets with the following fill powers:

·        650 fill power down is a fantastic choice for everyday jackets. From crisp autumnal commutes to brisk winter walks, lightweight down jackets make a versatile layer.

·        700 fill power down is used in technical hiking jackets. Delivering a competitive warmth-to-weight ratio, this fill power is great for packability too.

·        800 fill power down is found in insulated mountaineering jackets. This type of gear is suitable for use in winter alpine conditions and at high peaks.

·        850 fill power down or higher is used in technical expedition jackets. These are designed for extreme expeditions, such as those in polar regions.

Should I choose a synthetic or down insulated jacket?

The most suitable insulated jacket for you will depend on several factors, including where and how you're planning to use it. You'll also need to consider the technical features of each insulation type, as the type of filling you choose can determine your comfort levels out on the mountains, crags or hills.

Synthetic vs. down insulation

Our selection of men's insulated jackets generally includes down and synthetic fill.

·        Down is almost always warmer than a synthetic equivalent thanks to its density. When it comes to warmth-to-weight ratio, it's hard to beat the performance levels of natural down. Some brands offer hydrophobic down but we still wouldn't recommend using a down jacket as an outer layer in wet weather.

·        Synthetic down is better at dealing with moisture. Even when it's soaked, it will offer more warmth than down – which could be better suited to your adventures in a damp Scottish climate. It's also easier to wash and maintain but there's no synthetic material that can match the warmth-to-weight ratio of down.

We've written a comprehensive guide to help explain how to choose an insulated jacket. After comparing the capabilities and advantages of each insulation type, it's important to choose one to suit your activity type too.

Are down jackets waterproof?

Generally speaking, our men's insulated jackets are not waterproof. They're designed to be worn with a thermal base layer and midlayer in cold – but not wet – conditions. If your natural down jacket does encounter a heavy shower, though, you can find the best advice for drying it out in our care and repair blog.

You'll still find a few waterproof and water-resistant models in our selection but, if you need a jacket you can rely on to withstand a heavy shower or all-day driving rain, look out for insulated jackets that feature Gore-Tex technology.

How to find the best men's down jacket for you

The best way to find the right men's down jacket for you is to visit your nearest Tiso store. While The North Face padded jackets might make a trendy option on the trails, you'll also need to consider practicality and function if you're heading out to the mountains.

We see the outdoors as a way of life and we'll use our own experience as a guide to help us point out the best insulated jacket for you. No matter whether you're climbing through winter or planning to summit Mont Blanc this year, we're passionate about finding you comfortable and durable gear to stand up to the test.

When you speak to a friendly member of our team, we'll listen carefully to your plans and preferences to make sure that we can recommend only the most suitable gear. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more advice, and make sure to check out the Tiso Instagram for further inspiration.