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Tent Footprints

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Waterproof Tent Footprints

Your tent can be as watertight as you like but if the ground underneath is damp, the base of your tent will slowly start to become wet and that's where a tent footprint comes into the scenario. An extra base layer to keep you warm and dry, simply lay the tent groundsheet out before pitching your tent and the base of your tent will stay drier for longer, not only keeping you protected from the elements but also making packing up at the end of your adventure easier.  

Our range of waterproof groundsheets are designed to fit specific tent models from brands such as Hilleberg, so if you're looking to add extra weather protection to your tent, you need a plastic ground sheet to help. Not only will large ground sheets help avoid weather damage but wear and tear of your ground sheet too as the extra layer of protection can help avoid tears and wearing of fabric. 

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