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Camping is wonderful. It's the only way to experience the joy of waking up to the sun beaming on your own personal shelter, whether high in the mountains or at your favourite campsite. You can only make the most of these moments with a suitable tent.

At Tiso, we provide a range of tents for sale, suitable for all types of adventures, weather conditions and budgets. If you're planning to go camping soon, we've got the right tent for you. Discover quality models from leading outdoor brands including Berghaus, Eurohike, Hilleberg, Terra Nova and Vango.

From family camping trips to romantic getaways and Duke of Edinburgh's Award expeditions, we've got you covered. With more than 60 years of experience behind us, our team of outdoor enthusiasts know just how to recommend the perfect tents. Browse our complete selection below or view the range in person at nearest Tiso store.


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Which tent should I buy?

Whether you're a camping novice or a seasoned professional, our range of camping tents includes something for everyone. No matter which type you choose, your tent's primary purpose is to provide a quick and cosy shelter that keeps you and your belongings protected against the elements.

We've partnered with leading outdoor brands to provide the very best camping tents, along with important accessories like tent pegs and tent footprints. A few of the most popular brands include:

From cost-effective family tents to compact and lightweight backpacking tents, they're all designed with adventure in mind. The most important thing is choosing the tent that best suits your plans, your group size and the expected weather conditions. If you're wild camping, bivis and shelters make fantastic alternatives to the traditional approach of pitching with poles.

Choosing a tent: What do I need to consider?

Tent pitching

Different tents are constructed and designed uniquely, so they also pitch in different ways. While many wild camping tents can go very quickly from in the bag to ready to go, other tents take a little bit longer to pitch. If you've found a tent that you like the look of, it's always worth checking the instructions before you buy it.


Weight is a key consideration if you're looking for backpacking tents or something to take on your next wild camping adventure. Ultra-lightweight tents are typically more expensive so it's worth planning carefully around your budget, too. When it comes to a family tent, weight might not be as much of a priority.


There are several features to look out for when you're choosing a tent. We've explained a few of the most important ones in our tent-buying guide. It's worth getting familiar with the different types of tent structures and poles, too, as these both have a significant bearing on the stability, cost and durability of your tent.

Tent accessories

There are some handy extras that you might want to include with your new tent. Many campers choose to carry spare tent pegs and poles to ensure that pitching is always an option, even if some gear gets lost or damaged. For an added layer of protection and insulation from damp or freezing ground, a tent footprint could be invaluable.

Understanding waterproof ratings on tents

Before any tent appears on the market, it undergoes rigorous testing to determine how waterproof it is. This process gives it what's called a hydrostatic head rating, or HH.

Most tents have a waterhead rating between 1,000 and 10,000mm. In theory, a tent with an HH of 1,000mm could withstand the pressure of a one-metre-tall column of water poured directly onto it before it leaked. The higher the rating, the more waterproof the tent.

0-1,500mm: Water-resistant

Tents with this rating should generally only be described as water-resistant. They should withstand a light shower in summertime, but they won't be suited to prolonged periods of rain or heavy showers. They could make a convenient and affordable choice for parties or as festival tents. Don't forget the cool box!

T1,500-5,000mm: Waterproof

Tents with up to 5,000mm HH are more waterproof. If you're looking for a family tent or something dependable for every season, it's worth investing in a tent with a rating of at least 1,500mm. This is particularly important in Scotland, where it's highly likely that you'll get wet without a waterproof tent!

5,000mm+: Very waterproof

Planning some extreme adventures out in the wild? For expeditions and hillwalking in the UK, you should choose a tent that's as waterproof as possible without compromising on weight, style or functionality.

Which waterproof rating do I need?

For festivals and parties in summer, a large tent with a low hydrostatic rating should offer enough protection. Tents with lower ratings are generally more affordable and you can find plenty of brilliant, reduced options in our tent sale too.

But if you're heading out on your Duke of Edinburgh expedition or planning something adventurous, like a point-to-point mission from one Munro to another, you should choose tents for camping in extreme weather. Conditions can change with little to no warning out in the mountains, so it's best to be prepared.

Find the right tent with Tiso

Choosing the right tent is serious business. Whether you're going on a group holiday with friends or spending a romantic weekend in the Highlands, only purpose-built tents for camping will give you the best possible experience.

When you visit your nearest Tiso store, we make every effort to match you with the most suitable tents for camping. Our friendly team of enthusiasts know the biggest outdoor brands inside-out, so we're confident that you'll leave our shop with the best gear for you.

If you have any questions about camping or any of the tents for sale with Tiso, we're here to help. Please get in touch with us online or via email for advice from the experts.