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Rab Clothing and Equipment

Rab is an industry-leading brand focusing on high-performance outdoor clothing and equipment. Every piece is designed with your comfort, protection, and freedom in mind, ensuring that quality is infused into every item produced. Each piece is hardworking and long-lasting, so you can enjoy the timeless designs for years to come.

For over 40 years since Rab Carrington founded his company, they continue to inspire those who use their products in the mountains.

Rab Clothing and Equipment

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Rab Clothing & Equipment

The 1970's saw keen explorer Rab Carrington struggling for money during a UK dock strike which led him to find work with a friend; the skills Rab picked up through this job led him to make his own equipment instead of relying on imports and in the 1980's he was regularly developing his own sleeping bags and clothing. Over the past few decades, Rab's technology and designs have improved and developed year on year, making them a bestseller in the outdoor community. Whether you're after a Rab fleece for casual wear or a lightweight insulated jacket for keeping warm in the hills, quality runs throughout every piece made by this iconic outdoor brand.