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Ski Servicing

At Blues we operate a dedicated ski servicing and repair centre located in our Tiso Outdoor Experience store in Edinburgh. Our workshop is open year round and is fully equipped with an extensive range of specialist ski tuning machinery and tools. In addition we employ a team of experienced and fully qualified ski technicians. Our dedicated workshop staff at Blues work full time, specifically on ski servicing, and are passionate skiers themselves. If they’re not busy working your on skis, they are almost certainly out playing on theirs! We bring this mix of expert knowledge and experience together to give your equipment the best possible service in preparation for your next skiing adventure. Need advice on ski servicing? A quote for a complicated repair? Or just want to chat about skiing? We are more than happy to help so please get in touch!
You can call our ski workshop technicians directly on 0131 561 2005 or email us at: workshop@bluestheskishop.co.uk

Premium Ski Service £45

  • Base Repairs
  • Edge Tuning
  • Hot Wax
  • Binding Check
  • Current pricing is peak season pricing. This is in effect from 1st December - 1st March

Premium Snowboard Service £55*

  • Base Repairs
  • Base Grind
  • Edge Tuning
  • Hot Wax
  • Current pricing is peak season pricing. This is in effect from 1st December - 1st March

Basic Ski/Snowboard Service 'Edge & Wax' £30

  • Stone Grinding
  • Edge Tuning
  • Hot Wax
  • Current pricing is peak season pricing. This is in effect from 1st December - 1st March

Binding Mount / Re-drill £40

  • This service is applicable to the majority of non-specialist bindings
  • Current pricing is peak season pricing. This is in effect from 1st December - 1st March
  • Quiver Killer Hardware £50

    Quiver Killer Installation £55

  • Current pricing is peak season pricing. This is in effect from 1st December - 1st March
  • Base Patches£25*

  • Current pricing is peak season pricing. This is in effect from 1st December - 1st March
  • *From £25 plus full service costs. More complex jobs will be quoted and all costs will be agreed before work commences
  • Boot Fitting / Adjustments£30*

  • *Prices start from £30, all costs will be agreed before work commences
  • Specialist Binding Mounts£55

  • Applicable to non-standard bindings requiring extra labour and expertise to install
  • Current pricing is peak season pricing. This is in effect from 1st December - 1st March
  • ***Other repairs – Quoted after inspection***

    Why do I need my skis serviced?

    To put it simply, well maintained skis perform better, making skiing easier and more enjoyable. When we service your skis we focus primarily on the condition of the edges and the base of your skis. The edges are sharpened and bevelled to provide maximum grip on hard or icy snow, and carefully detuned to make initiating turns easier. Any scratches in the base of your skis are filled and ground to create a flat even running surface with a uniform structure. This is finished off with a hot wax to ensure your skis glide effortlessly across the surface of the snow.

    What services do you offer?

    We offer a range of servicing and repair options dependent on the needs of our customers. For skis in good condition that do not require base repairs, we offer our basic ‘Edge & Wax’ service. This includes edge tuning, a stone grind and a hot wax to get them ready for the slopes. For those skis that have hit a few rocks and require base repairs, we would suggest our Premium Service. This includes P-TEX filling of base damage, belt grinding, edge tuning, stone grinding, hot waxing, and a binding check. In addition to our standard servicing options we also undertake a range of repairs as necessary. Please ask a member of staff in store, or contact the workshop directly if you have any questions or require advice about a particular repair.

    How do I get my skis serviced?

    Simply take your skis to your local Blues or Tiso store. Your skis will then be sent securely to our dedicated workshop at Edinburgh Outdoor Experience for servicing and repairs. Once completed, your skis will be sent back to the store of your choice for payment and collection. No pre-booking or reservations are required.

    What is the turnaround time?

    We market our Scotland-wide service with a week’s turnaround time. However, this may vary based on your location and the nature of the work required. For Edinburgh-based customers who can bring skis directly to our Leith workshop, we can offer shorter turnaround times. Many jobs can be completed within a few days if there is no serious damage to the skis. If you require a short turnaround time please contact us directly on 0131 561 2005 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

    Can you service my skis for use on dry slopes?

    Yes we can. Skiing on dry slopes creates a significant amount of heat which can be very hard on ski equipment. To protect your skis and offer the best performance on mat, we can apply a specialist wax to prepare skis for use on dry slopes. We offer dry slope waxing as part of our normal servicing (Basic and Premium) at no extra cost. Please ask the member of staff in store when you bring in skis for servicing and they will request this for you.

    What equipment do you use?

    We use a range of specialist equipment from Wintersteiger, the world leader in ski servicing equipment. We have recently invested in a brand new Wintersteiger base grinding machine which is the only one of its kind in Scotland. Where possible, we aim to offer a stone grind as part of every service.

    Why is a snowboard service more expensive than a ski service?

    Compared with an average pair of skis, snowboards tend to have significantly more base surface area. As a result more time and labour is required to achieve the best quality finish so this is reflected in the slightly higher price.

    Can you inspect and configure my bindings?

    If you bring your skis in for a premium service we will, if requested, perform a binding check. We begin by calculating the necessary binding release values using information you have provided about your height, weight and skiing ability in conjunction with your ski boot (please provide a single boot with your skis if you would like your bindings checked). We then perform a visual inspection to ensure your bindings are undamaged and verify that all release setting are correctly configured according to ISO DIN 9462 or ISO DIN 9465 standards.

    Can you perform a binding release check using a binding’s test machine?

    Unfortunately we don't have this equipment in our workshop.

    Got a question we haven't answered?

    You can call our ski workshop directly on 0131 561 2005.

    What are Quiver Killers?

    Quiver Killers are stainless steel threaded inserts that are installed into skis so that the bindings can be easily installed and removed. After a ski has been fitted with inserts the user can easily remove and re-attach bindings in a few minutes using only a screwdriver.

    Why would I want them?

    The main benefits of Quiver Killer inserts are that you can:

    • - Share the same binding between more than one set of skis – this reduces the cost of owning a number of different skis (especially when using high priced touring bindings)
    • - Have more than one binding for a given pair of skis - e.g. an alpine binding and a telemark binding on the same ski
    • - Remove bindings for transporting skis – this means you can travel easily with more skis and they are less likely to get damaged in your
    • luggage
    • - Fine tune your setup – removable bindings gives you the flexibility to change out heel and toe risers to achieve the perfect ramp angle and much more…

    What skis can you install Quiver Killer bindings inserts into?

    The majority of flat skis can take Quiver Killer inserts. Exceptions to this are rare, but some skis are be too thin to take inserts. If in doubt give us a call on 01315612005 and we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements and give you advice.

    Can you install Quiver Killers into a ski with metal binding mounting plates in it like a Volkl Mantra or a Blizzard Brahma?

    Yes. This is not a problem.

    Are Quiver Killers weaker than a normal binding mounting screw? Is there a difference in performance of the ski with Quiver Killers compared to a traditional binding mount?

    No and no! The Quiver Killer inserts actually have greater overall surface area in contact with the core of the ski compared with conventional mounting screws. This gives them greater holding power than a traditional binding mount.

    Can all bindings be mounted with Quiver Killers inserts?

    Generally yes, however there are a few exceptions. Most alpine bindings and modern touring bindings can be mounted with Quiver killers. There are a few exceptions out there where bindings use special proprietary screws (e.g. Tyrolia Adrenalines). If this is the case the bindings will not be compatible with quiver killers.

    When mounting Quiver Killers such that more than one binding can be used on a ski, is it a problem if the holes overlap?

    Yes. When mounting multiple bindings to a ski we must ensure that there is adequate distance between the different inserts mounted in the skis. To determine if there is a ‘hole pattern conflict’ that will present an issue for your mount please contact the workshop and we will advise you as necessary. We may need to have a look at the ski and boot to determine if the job will be possible.

    Can you install Quiver Killers into a ski that has already been mounted conventionally?

    Yes. If you are wanting to use the same binding (and therefore the holes will be in the same place) this is no problem. If you wish to fit Quiver killer inserts for use with a different binding it may be possible but we need to first verify that the mounting holes to not overlap. See previous answer regarding ‘hole pattern conflicts’ above.

    What type of screw driver is required for change bindings with Quiver Killers?

    You should use a Pozidriv P2 screw driver to install or remove bindings with Quiver Killer inserts. Please avoid using a drill or electric screw driver to avoid stripping the screws.

    Do you sell replacement screws for use with quiver killers?

    Yes we have a selection of screws in the workshop and are happy to provide these for customers for a small charge depending on the quantity required. We normally provide you with at least one spare screw of every type required with when you purchase Quiver Killers from Blues.

    Do I need to apply and thread lock to the quiver killer binding screws?

    Yes. When using Quiver Killer inserts in a ski you need to use a particular type of thread lock on the screw to prevent them becoming loose while skiing. The recommended product for this is called VC3 Vibratite, use of Loctite or other similar products is not recommended. When purchasing Quiver Killers from Blues we will apply this to the screws for you so you are ready to ski!

    Do I need to regularly replace the VC3 Vibratite thread lock on my quiver killer mounting screws?

    The VC3 Vibratite thread lock lasts for quite a long time but if you are swapping your bindings a lot they might require a bit more to put on the screws. Usually this would not be required more than once a season as most.

    Do we sell extra packs of the VC3 Vibratite thread lock for my Quiver Killer screws?

    Yes we do. Please contact us in the workshop and we can arrange to sell you some for £1.50 per sachet.

    I have already purchased the necessary quiver killer hardware, can you just do the installation for me?

    Yes we can. The price for installation only is £40.

    Got a question we haven't answered?

    You can call our ski workshop directly on 0131 561 2005.

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