Jack Wolfskin Women's Richmond Coat

A lightweight, windproof, down jacket that is perfect for when the temperatures drop. It will protect you from the cold and the wind and can also cope with light showers, insulating even when damp.


Jack Wolfskin Women's Baffin Bay Jacket

Incredibly warm and stylish, the women's Baffin Bay Jacket is perfect for city or country adventures


Jack Wolfskin Women's Selenium Jacket

Down comfort and warmth for outdoor activities in cold temperatures.


Jack Wolfskin Women's Devon Island 3 In 1 Jacket

Waterproof, Windproof, Breathable


Jack Wolfskin Men's Glacier Canyon Parka

Designed to keep you super cosy, the Glacier Canyon Parka has a synthetic fibre insulation that will keep you warm no matter where your winter adventures take you.




This weekend I went to Glen Affric to see Plodda Falls. It was snowing and the woods looked like a winter wonderland. Jack Wolfskin jacket is incredibly comfortable and with conditions typical for Scottish Highlands; rain, snow, wind & cold, it provides 100% weather protection.


I like getting off the paths to take photos from different angles. It often involves climbing, so it's important my clothes don't restrict movement.


It's got many pockets, which I find very useful on my adventures as well as on dog walks. Love it and would recommend it to everyone.


"You're looking the wrong way Aria!" After a gorgeous wintry walk up Conic Hill, at least one of us was able to bask in the beautiful views Loch Lomond! And I was so warm in my Jack Wolfskin Women's Selenium Jacket thanks to the guys at @tisoonline


When I'm walking with my daughter, I need a lightweight jacket that is comfortable, with good insulation. The windproof outer fabric kept me cosy warm, and it's breathable too, perfect for being outdoors in the cold.


Today my baby girl and I went on one last hurrah before we jump on an airplane and fly to Australia for a summery Christmas, luckily I had my Jack Wolfskin Jacket to keep out the cold - cannot wait for a summertime Christmas away from the frigid temperatures here in Scotland - as beautiful as it is!


Just me, and a herd of reindeer. Not just at Christmas if you’re near the Cairngorms and want to see them for yourself!


The jacket’s sleeves have integrated microfibre cuffs that block the wind and keep you warm – especially if you’re like me and you need your hands free to pet the reindeer. And if it stays dry, you can simply detach the hood if you want.


Today I am in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park at The Cairngorm Reindeer Centre in my Jack Wolfskin Glacier Canyon Parka. Big thanks to the guys at @TIsoOnline for the jacket, just what I need to keep me super warm in such icy temperatures.

Jack Wolfskin Men's Helium Jacket

A reliable warmth for your outdoor activities.


Jack Wolfskin Men's Turbulence Jacket

...it will keep you dry and comfortable all day long.


Jack Wolfskin Men's Echo Lake 3 In 1 Jacket

The men's Echo Lake 3 in 1 is the perfect all season outdoor jacket.



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