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Tiso Tested Rating:

Weight: 2035g

Materials: High Quality Rubber & Neoprene

Best suited for: Walking, Hiking, Everyday Outdoor

Best Feature: Adjustable Side Gusset

Location: West Lothian, Scotland

Weather: Patchy Rain / Ice

  • Fully Adjustable
  • Vibram Sole
  • Moulded Insoles

Location Reviewed: West Lothain, Scotland

Hunter Men's Balmoral Field Technical Adjustable Boots - Tested By Tiso




Hunter have been synonymous with the creation of iconic wellington boots since their establishment in 1856. Worn by those with the love of the outdoors running through their veins, and those looking for heritage and style built into every step. Hunter Boots are handcrafted and the perfect companion for a life spent in the outdoors.


Hunter were awarded a Royal Warrant by Appointment for HRH Duke of Edinburgh in 1977 and their royal connections continue in their most popular new styles. This winter, we got to test the Balmoral Adjustable 3mm Boots. Based on the iconic design of the Original Wellington Boot, with added technical with features that allow for complete comfort for every wearer, these are perfect for the everyday pioneer.


We sent the Balmoral Boots to be tested by someone with a wealth of experience in getting out there. One of our great supporters and instagrammers would be testing the durability and comfort on a cold late autumn day while out and about. The Balmoral Boots are designed to be great for performance, with a brand new vibram sole design and enhanced shock absorption, we had high hopes for how they would perform in out tests.


The Design


Taking their roots from the Scottish countryside, the journey of a pair of Hunter Boots from design to completion is carefully considered and checked at every stage for quality. In the second half of the 19th century, the North British Rubber Company, later known as Hunter Boots LTD, used newly patented processes to manufacture their rubber boots and overshoes alongside complimentary designed waterproof clothing and other durable rubber products. After the outbreak of World War I, the company was commissioned to produce more protective footwear for British soldiers.


Handcrafted from 28 individual pieces and finished to the highest of quality standard, each piece of the boot takes on the heritage of its creators, something that can be seen in the video below:


The Balmoral Boots have two great new features, including the high performance Vibram Sole exclusively developed for Hunter and a soft rubber compound with an adjustable gusset on the leg. Both of these features allow for a much greater level of comfort, and the inclusion of both 3mm & 5mm moulded insoles mean that anyone can find the perfect fit. The adjustable section of the gusset means that you can get a great supporting fit around the calf, and the high sides make for great waterproof protection from the elements.


Underfoot, the boots sole is designed in a way that allows for any build-ups of mud to be released as you walk, with multi-directional cleats. The sole is great for grip, and when we tested it in icy conditions, the boots held their own and provided excellent support from slips. The boots provided the peace of mind that they would cope with any walking conditions, so you could really enjoy getting out for adventure in any weather. They are fully waterproof and have high sides, so wading through streams and puddles was not an issue, and the lining of the boots means that even if walking through snow your feet can be warm and insulated. You can also buy thicker hunter socks to help with keeping your feet warm in the winter weather.


The Verdict


"Our tester was impressed with the Balmoral Boots, giving us the following feedback about their favourite features and their overall first opinion and how they felt after testing them:


‘When I’m out ringing birds, I do a lot of walking, to find the best sites where there are feeding opportunities for the birds, When I have set up the processing station, I have to wait around and during the winter months, this can get quite cold. My First impression of the Hunter Balmoral Boots is that they look great! I’ve always appreciated the way that brands like Hunter have a way of keeping a coherent design across their range, and you can see the history and heritage in the craftsmanship. When they first arrived, I noticed how the finish on the tiniest of details around the top edge is fantastic, it really makes a difference to see quality from end to end.’


‘After using the boots for a couple of days, I felt like I had been wearing them for years, they had that same comfort that you get when you’ve settled into a good old pair of walking boots. The adjustable features on the side and the insoles help to make it feel like you have a pair of boots that are an extension of your body. You can always judge a good pair of boots if you don’t notice you’re wearing them and you’re free to enjoy yourself in any conditions or weathers. The best feature of the Balmoral Boots is definitely the adjustable side panel and the strap on this. It is effortless to get a great fit around my calf muscle and changing this with how many layers I have on is really simple.’

The Hunter Balmoral Boots 1/3
The Adjustable Side Gusset 2/3
The Hunter Balmoral Boots In Use 3/3

More Information


This Autumn, Tiso are stocking a wide range of Hunter products, including other boots from the 'Hunter Field' range for everyday pioneers. You can find these here, and read all our other great reviews here. If you want to share your own experiences, reviews, photos or stories, join us on social media with #MyTiso.


You can see more from Bird Ringer, Chris on instagram.