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Fancy bikepacking or just fancy a read? Our bikepacking library has something for everyone. Whether you want to know how to set-up your bike for a bikepacking trip, or you want the experts to tell you their bikepacking hacks, it's all here...

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Long days in the saddle make bike choice and bike set-up key to a comfortable ride.


From tyre levers to packable rain jackets. There are quite a lot of bits and bobs needed for a safe bikepacking trip. Our downloadable/printable checklist has you covered.

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Packing for a bikepacking trip can be a daunting task. What do you need to take? And more importantly, what can you afford to leave at home? Bikepackers must find the balance between speed, efficiency, and comfort – taking only what they need, or maybe even less. Here, Apidura explain how to do it.

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As bikepackers, we must often rely on ourselves when things need repairing on tour. We need to know how to fix our bikes, our equipment, and ourselves – or at least know where to look for help. Apidura have written the ultimate guide to roadside repairs, your handy tool for when on the road!

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Who created the Tiso Overland 500 route?

Nomadic bikepacker, Andy Cox (@doubletrackfanatic) created the Tiso Overland 500 route. Andy is the creator of the well known European Divide Trail that rides across Europe.

What kind of terrain is the route?

The surfaces vary, with the majority of the route being off-road - a mix of natural terrain, unpaved surfaces, gravel, asphalt and paved surfaces.

How many checkpoints are there?

There are 7 checkpoints. These checkpoints are Tiso stores: Inverness OE, Tiso Aberdeen, Tiso Dundee, Perth OE, Edinburgh OE, Glasgow OE and Aviemore OE.

Do I need to visit every checkpoint store?

It’s up to you. The checkpoint stores are there to allow you to have some rest or to stamp your brevet card. If you are racing, you must follow the GPX route that passes the checkpoint stores.

What is a brevet card?

The name 'brevet' comes from the word for 'certificate'. The card should be carried by riders and is used to record the time and date at each checkpoint. Riders can have their card stamped at checkpoint stores along the route.

Where can I get a Tiso Overland 500 brevet card?

Brevet cards are available to collect from checkpoint stores. The checkpoint stores included on the route are: Inverness OE, Tiso Aberdeen, Tiso Dundee, Perth OE, Edinburgh OE, Glasgow OE and Aviemore OE.

Where can I collect a trail clean bag?

Trail clean bags can be collected from checkpoint stores.

How do I use the trail clean bag?

Take a trail clean bag with you on route and collect any rubbish you see on the way. Remember to take your own rubbish with you and not leave anything on the trails. You should dispose of the rubbish properly when you get to a town and reuse your trail clean bag where possible. Leave no trace!

What are the trail clean bags made of?

The trail clean bags are made of biodegradable polythene and are biodegradable.

How can I race the route?

To race the route you need to record your attempt at the route via an app or wearable tech. Examples include Komoot, Strava, Garmin, Map My Ride, etc. When you have completed the route we need the total 'Elapsed Time', from start to finish, this will include any stops, breaks or delays. On Strava you will need to make sure that your cycle type is set to 'Race' to get total time from door to door. Please send your results to for the chance to appear on the Tiso Overland 500 Leaderboard.


Riders are liable for themselves on this route. Tiso, Trash Free Trails, Cannondale and any other partner brand do not take liability for any riders. This route is a recommendation and might be subject to change by riders for unforeseen circumstances such as adverse weather or closed roads.

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