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If you love to get out there to explore more of the great landscape across the country or you’re ready to capture your next adrenaline fuelled adventure, you might want to take a look into getting yourself a GoPro camera and some accessories. We’ve got some handy tips to help you decide which camera is right for you and your sport, and which extras you should buy to help you share your exciting photos and videos with your friends and family, or followers on social media.

The last couple of years have seen a huge rise in the number of people buying cameras designed specifically to record your adventures, from skiing to cycling, climbing to hillwalking. Action cameras are a brilliant way to capture the thrill of your next downhill mountain biking session or skiing holiday in the Alps, as well as allowing you to show off your skills while keeping your hands free for whatever activity it is that you’re doing. These small and lightweight devices are easily mounted onto a huge range of sports equipment items, and allow you to capture a new perspective.

Motivated by a desire to capture quality action photos with the professional angles on a system that wouldn’t break the bank, and a personal connection with water sports, GoPro have been passionate about sharing experiences from people all over the world since their foundation in 2002. Through the development of camera equipment and mobile and web based editing software, GoPro have quickly become market leaders. Now producing a wide range of fixed lens, digital, high definition, waterproof cameras and mounting accessories for extreme sports, there’s no limits to what you can film, and where you can take the world’s most versatile camera!

Viewed by many as the perfect accompaniment to adventure, the GoPro range offers you the ability to capture any summit, downhill ride, slalom or surf. Find out more and shop the full range of GoPro products and accessories here.


Adding a GoPro to your outdoor kit list is a great idea, and you’ll be able to share much more from your next trip! Take a quick look at our comparison of the top three selling cameras from the brand to see which one meets your needs. If you’re unsure on which GoPro is the best, it all depends on what you’ll be using it to record. Keep that in mind when looking at the best features and price! Both Hero5 editions of the GoPro camera feature built in image stabilisation, voice control, professional grade low light settings, time lapse and night modes and support for up to 60Mbps video and support for external microphones.

GoPro Hero5 Session

Buy GoPro Hero5 Session

• 4K Video (30fps) - 1080P Video (90fps) 10MP (30fps Burst) Photos

• Ultra Wide to Near Linear Field of View & Superview 16:9 Conpression

• Waterproof 10m

• 1000mAh Built In Battery - 64GB MicroSD Memory Slot

• Compact Design & Simple One Touch Record or Capture

GoPro Hero 5 Session - £289

GoPro Hero5 Black

Buy GoPro Hero5 Black

• 4K Video (30fps) - 12MP (30fps Burst) Photos - Superview 16:9

• Ultra Wide to Near Linear Field of View

• Waterproof 10m

• 1220mAh Battery - 64GB MicroSD Memory Slot

• Advanced Image Stabalisation & Professional Low Light Capture

GoPro Hero 5 Black - £350

GoPro Session 4

Shop Other GoPro Items

• 1440P Video (30fps) - 1080P (60fps) - 8MP Photos

• Ultra Wide & Medium Range Field of View

• Limited Waterproof Ability & Superview 16:9 Functionality

• 1000mAh Battery

• Compatible with Newer Accessories and Software

GoPro Hero 4 Session - £245

If you're wanting to film more of your great outdoor experiences, then having the right accessories for your GoPro makes the filming process easier! Whether it's a mount or grip, waterproof housing or extra battery, we have a huge range of additional extras from GoPro designers and supported brands. View the full range of GoPro accessories and shop online here.

Our Top GoPro Accessories:

GoPro 3-Way Mount - £70


GoPro’s 3-Way Mount is one of the most versatile accessories that you can get for the new season and older generations of GoPro cameras. For use as a camera grip, extension arm or tripod, this makes filming any adventure that little bit easier. Configurable for a wide range of uses, from point of view shots, to follow-cam and static tripod photos, this is a great addition to your kit! Waterproof for use in any conditions, and collapsible to just 19cm, this is a super lightweight and packable camera accessory that you’ll want to get if you’re looking at purchasing a GoPro camera. Shop Here


GoPro Chest Mount Harness - £40


The Chesty Harness mount makes it really easy for you to capture an immersive perspective from your adventures. Perfect for a huge range of activities and keeping your hands completely free, this mount fits close to the body and allows for a lower-than-the-helmet view of the action. Fully adjustable and made from lightweight materials, this product only weighs 100g. The GoPro Chesty Harness Mount also features a vertical quick release buckle and thumb screw to make sure you can film and change the mount with ease. Shop Here


SanDisk Micro SD Card 32GB - £20


If you’re planning to capture more of your adventures this summer, you’ll need some extra storage space! Verified by GoPro & created by SanDisk, this 32GB Ultra Micro SD memory Card delivers fast write speeds of up to 45MB/s for burst photos, with UHS Speed Class 3 & Class 10 for the recording of 4K Full HD Video. You’ll be able to transfer content quickly to other devices and the RescuePRO software will allow for data recovery if something goes wrong. Designed to withstand water, temperature, shocks and X-rays, this card will function in nearly any situation from -13°F to 185°F. It’s the perfect added extra for those looking to get a GoPro for their next trip away. Shop Here


GoPro Gooseneck Mount - £25


Compatible with all GoPro camera models, the GoPro Gooseneck is completely bendable and allows for superb versatility. At 20.3cm - around eight inches in length, the Gooseneck is a flexible alternative to a tripod mount. Acting as the ideal tool for capturing those hard to reach shots around corners or over obstacles, the GoPro Gooseneck can also double as an adjustable handheld grip or be used for higher level perspectives on regular mounts. Multiple Gooseneck Mounts can be combined together for increased length or stability. Made from highly durable materials, this will last well in any environment or adventure. Shop Here


There’s plenty of great ways to get involved with our community of outdoor enthusiasts, by sharing your photos, videos and stories with us on social media with #MyTiso! Getting a GoPro can be a great way to start to capture your adventures from a new perspective, and take a look at your skills when you’re back in the comfort of your home. If you’ve got a favourite accessory or camera that you love to use, why not share a comment below?

Still need advice on which GoPro you should buy? Visit us in store to chat with one of our product experts who’ll be able to give your answers to your questions and get you geared up for your next venture into the great outdoors. Our range of GoPro Hero 5 cameras and accessories will help you to capture something exciting this summer. With a huge range of GoPro Mounts available too, there’s no reason why you can’t add a GoPro to your outdoor kit!

Shop GoPro Accessories

Capture A New Perspective On Any Adventure

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