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What Are Patagonia Doing to Become the Most Sustainable Brand Possible?

Sustainable and ethical manufacturing has been a hot topic in the clothing industry for sometime and Patagonia really are at the heart of this.

Priding themselves on becoming the most sustainable and responsible clothing brand they can possibly be, Patagonia are taking active steps constantly to produce their products in a way that is considerate to the environment as well as trying to educate customers about shopping sustainably.

So, what exactly are Patagonia doing to become the most environmentally friendly and sustainable brand possible?

Responsible Sourcing of Materials

100% of cotton used in products are grown organically, 72% of clothing lines use recycled materials and 100% of down is tracable.  Patagonia openly discuss the lengths they go to source the materials for their products, consistently taking the environmental impacts of these fabrics into consideration. From how the materials are produced to how hard wearing they are in the long run, can they be recycled and reused, are they biodegradable in the future, these are all things taken into account by the Patagonia buyers and designers.

Patagonia look at the bigger picture of the materials they use, focusing on the full lifecycle of each product instead of producing on-trend, fast fashion. 

Environmentally Friendly Work Spaces

Patagonia’s care for the environment isn’t just about what they produce but where they produce it too, hence they’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure all of their workspaces, from head offices to production centres are just as environmentally friendly.

From investing additional funds into the construction of their work environments to ensure the buildings have minimal environmental damage to using renewable energy sources to power their work including a number of solar panels.

They have even replaced air conditioning in their Reno Services Centre with a night flush vent system that recycles air across a 24 hour period to keep the building cool during the day using cold night time air.

Employee Incentives to Travel Greener

Patagonia believe saving the environment is a team effort so they incentivise their staff to join their mission to save the environment and offer monetary rewards for carpooling, cycling or skateboarding to work or using public transport.

These incentives are a great way to encourage your whole company and everyone that’s part of it to get involved and support the cause.

The Worn Wear Campaign

Patagonia believe the best way to produce environmentally friendly, sustainable clothing is to make the products as high quality as possible so they last the test of time and if they do become worn, repair them and wear them again.

Patagonia have launched the ‘Worn Wear’ campaign to emphasise the quality of their clothing but to also encourage their customers to grab a sewing kit and if they don’t damage any of their Patagonia products, to repair them – very much inspired by the WW2 saying, ‘make do and mend’.

By sharing stories of other people who have worn their Patagonia clothes and then repaired and re-worn them, they’re hoping to inspire more customers to do the same instead of purchasing new and wasting perfectly good garments.

Not only are Patagonia a brand to be loved for their products but their ethics are something that makes them ever popular with customers too.

With their sustainable manufacturing procedures and responsibly sourced materials, there really is nothing not to love about Patagonia and their products!

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