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Which Vango Family Tent is Right For You

With such an array of tents in their repertoire, choosing the right tent from Vango can be a tough choice. There are plenty of tents to cater for all families on all kinds of camping adventures and we’re going to be helping you choose the right one for you today!

The Best ‘One Adult, One Child’ Tent

If you’re taking a camping trip for two, just one adult and one child then a two-person tent should be all the room you need, particularly as they’re designed for two adults which means you should even have extra sleeping room if one of the campers is a child!

Vango have a fantastic selection of durable and spacious two men tents, five of which we have available for purchase here at Tiso. In particular, the Vango Delta 200, Vango Nevis 200 and Vango Scafell 200 come highly recommended as comfortable and reliable two-man tents and they’re affordable too ranging in price from £110 - £199.

The Best Small Family Tent

One parent and one child? Two parents and one child? One parent and two children? If you’re a family of two or three looking to enter the world of camping, a smaller, three-person tent is the perfect fit for you.

Here at Tiso, we sell three 3 person tents from Vango, ranging in price from £80.00 to £250.00. Although designed to sleep three people, if you’re camping with children, these tents will all feel extra spacious as the allocated room per person is designed with fully grown adults in mind, so when camping with kids, you’ll get that little extra room to move about.

Both the Vango Beta 350XL and the Vango Scaffel 300+ tent are designed to offer a separate sleeping space and living area which is an ideal situation for many families, particularly with young children as it allows for room to relax and play outside of your sleeping space.

The Best 'New to Camping' Family Tent

Decided to try camping for your family holiday this year but not totally convinced that you’re going to fall in love with it? Here at Tiso we’ve got you covered! We stock two 4-person tents from Vango that are spacious enough to provide you with a more luxurious home-away-from home experience that will have you excited to hit the campsite.

We recommend the Vango STARGROVE II 450, a spacious, practical 4-man tent which stands at over 2 metres in height and is equipped with excellent weather protection. Not only is it one of the best value family tents on the market, but it is guaranteed to ease you gently into camping thanks to its host of fantastic features. Boasting a pre-attached awning and two large nightfall bedrooms to ensure you aren’t woken at the crack of dawn by the early morning sunshine, the Stargrove II 450 has been cleverly laid out to provide ample storage and a pleasant space to socialise.


The Best Large Family Tent 

Whether it’s two adults and three children or one adult and four children, if you’re a larger family looking for a spacious and comfortable tent for your camping holiday then the new Vango Amalfi 500 tent is the perfect option.

An easy to pitch 5-person tent with plenty of room to sleep 5 fully grown adults as well as having a generously sized living/storage area separate to the sleeping compartment, the Vango Amalfi 500 is high in quality and performance.

So, whatever size of family you are or what your needs are when it comes to your perfect tent, Vango are bound to have the right camping accommodation for you!

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