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Product Picks

  • Gifts for Cyclists | Picked by Tiso

    Gifts for Cyclists | Picked by Tiso

    Give the gift of adventure, whether that's to a hardcore roadie, trail shreddin' mountain biker or dedicated commuter - cyclists are easy to shop for, if you know where to look! Read our gift guide, put together by our in-house team of cyclists to find the perfect gift, arranged by price and... Read more
  • Road Bike Comfort Upgrades

    Road Bike Comfort Upgrades

    If you've ever watched the cobbled classics in the spring, you'll be able to appreciate how important comfort is to the pros. When your riding 150+ miles on rough roads, comfort is imperative. However, every rider can benefit from a more comfortable set up, no matter how tough the terrain, and... Read more
  • Solo Stove - Now at Tiso!

    Solo Stove - Now at Tiso!

    We recently tested the Solo Stove Bonfire, and it was unlike any other fire pit we’ve ever seen. They have perfected the portable fire pit to take along on trips or to enjoy at home, but that produces nearly no smoke and minimal ash. Not only is the Bonfire easy to clean up, but it won’t leave... Read more
  • How To Winterproof Your Bike

    How To Winterproof Your Bike

    The wet and muddy weather is definitely here and you may have already got to the end of a ride, looked at your bike with despair. It’s easy to just put it back in the shed until the next ride, but getting into the habit of washing your bike down and giving it some TLC over the winter season will... Read more
  • How To Dress for Winter Road Cycling

    How To Dress for Winter Road Cycling

    If you’ve discovered the joy of two wheels during the summer months, the looming winter cold may be a little intimidating and make you want to lock the bike in the shed til spring. Before you reach for the bike lock key, read this blog and you’ll be fully prepared to cycle throughout the winter... Read more
  • Footsteps | Orion Face Solo

    Footsteps | Orion Face Solo

    Towards the end of winter, just before lockdown, Tiso staff member Aaron Tregellis took advantage of a perfect weather window and headed north to Ben Nevis to solo the Orion Face, a Scottish winter classic. Read more
  • Camping Stove Buying Guide

    Camping Stove Buying Guide

    Cooking outdoors in an intrinsic part of the camping experience and at Tiso we understand that you need to have the right stove to work with. Whether you are cooking up a storm at a campsite or rehydrating your food on top of a Munro, the right camping stove will make all the difference. Read more
  • Winter Kit For Walkers 2019

    Winter Kit For Walkers 2019

    Walking in the hills is the most accessible mountain sport, and on a good day, can be a complete joy to experience. Winter conditions can enhance the experience ten-fold, or can turn a good day out into a dangerous situation. However, with a little preparation, the right kit (plus the knowledge... Read more
  • Buying Guide: Ski Boots

    Buying Guide: Ski Boots

    The right pair of boots can make or break your time on the slopes. Get it right and you can ski to your heart’s content in comfort and control. Get it wrong and each run can be a battle to keep going. Here’s our guide to picking the right pair and finding the optimum fit. Read more